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Goodbye Wishes ~ Hello Happily Ever After

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Last week in Walt Disney World® history – we said goodbye to the long-running Wishes and hello to a new fireworks show, Happily Ever After. Happily Ever After is more than fireworks. It’s an event!

Wishes Happily Fireworks Magic Kingdom

Goodbye Wishes

I can’t say I was sorry to see Wishes go. I think it ran for so long that I became immune to it. Over the last few years, I stopped watching Wishes, choosing instead to use the time to beat the crowds out of the Magic Kingdom. Since I’ve been visiting the Magic Kingdom since the 70’s, I can’t even say that Wishes has been my favorite. I know I am in the minority of Disney fans who feel this way. So many were devastated and heartbroken when it was announced that Wishes would be ending. Thousands upon thousands of Disney fans packed into the Magic Kingdom on May 11 to witness the last showing. Although I was in Orlando, I didn’t join them. I have many fond memories of Wishes. Moments during the show that mean something special to me are embedded in my brain. I also have the most special of those memories hanging in an enlarged version on a wall in my house – my granddaughter Madison in awe of Wishes. Moments that I will hold special forever, thanks to Wishes.

Wishes Happily Fireworks Magic Kingdom

Wishes Happily Fireworks Magic Kingdom

So, Goodbye Wishes. Although I am not really sorry to see you go, I thank you for some really special moments!

Hello Happily Ever After

I did visit the Magic Kingdom to view the debut showing of Happily Ever After. Here it is a few days later and I am still speechless. Stunning. Awesome. Breathtaking. Inspirational. Beautiful. Impressive. Epic. My mind can’t begin to think of enough words to describe Happily Ever After

All the Wishes fans will not be disappointed. All the Wishes fans will wonder why they thought it was a mistake to replace Wishes.

Having a direct view of the Castle is important I think for viewing Happily Ever After. I don’t think it’s a show that can be watched from previous popular locations (especially not from across the lagoon at one of the resorts). It’s so special you will want a direct view so as not to miss anything. The music, the Castle projections, the fireworks and the lasers all blend together and create a show that will give you chills. It is so impressive and well done, so visually overwhelming that it’s actually hard to describe. You MUST see it to believe it. Each time the Castle projections change a new special memory pops into your head. The fireworks over the Castle seem to fit seamlessly and elegantly into the projections of our favorites ~ Aladdin, The Jungle Book, Toy Story, Tangled, Pirates, the Hunchback of Notre Dame, Brave, Frozen and more – oh, and Tinker Bell – wait until you see Tinker Bell! I’ll admit it brought tears to my eyes.

The show is longer than Wishes (around 18 minutes long). It’s more than fireworks. It’s an event. It’s an epic show. It’s a show done in the way that only Disney can do. It’s an experience. Everyone will relate to a different part of the fireworks, a different part of the music, a different projection.

When it ends, the Castle is transformed into a beautiful stained glass looking centerpiece.

Wishes Happily Fireworks Magic Kingdom

Photo: Disney Parks

I can’t wait to go back and see it over and over again because I know each time I see it I will notice something new and more amazing. I know I will have some special moments with my family watching Happily Ever After!