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Frequent and Flexible Travelers Should Try Whiskr!

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Find your adventure and make your bucket list a reality!

What the heck is Whiskr!! Whiskr is an online flight deal site. They find deals for serious travelers who are on a budget and want to make their travel bucket list a reality. Whether you’re looking for a quick weekend trip or an exotic journey around the world, they can help you get there a little cheaper! You can not book your trips through Whiskr. They are a fare alerting service. Each of the deals you receive in your alerts will direct you to the sites where you can book your trip.

Whiskr Flexible Flight FaresAlthough my travel is rarely flexible, I do travel often. I can’t always be flexible when it comes to arrival and departure dates when going out of town on a media or press junket. Sometimes I can’t justify saving a few dollars on air fare to spend quite a bit more to spend an extra day at a venue.

Even though I am usually reimbursed my air fare costs when heading out on a media trip, I still try to find the best price. This sometimes means comparing costs across different airlines. I rarely use some of the price comparison sites because they create pop-ups that are annoying. So, when I heard about Whiskr I thought – why not give it a try to see if they can find me a good deal on my next trip.

While 99.9% of my travel is limited to the United States, I will say if I was heading out of the country, the site found some outstanding fares! $209 to Europe! Woot!

I’m always on the lookout for cheap flight deals and some deals are so great it doesn’t make sense for me to use my airline miles for the flight. Whiskr uses an advanced technology and checks availability multiple times per day to keep their deals up to date. You can browse all of the deals or filter the deals to show only your preferred airports. You can be notified of new deals via text or email. Their technology actually finds short time deals, price errors and flights that are showing much cheaper than normal. Whiskr also has a real-time calendar that displays flight prices on each day so you know which days will be cheaper to fly. 

You can easily set your home airport in your settings, and Whiskr will also suggest some nearby airports as well. The more major home airports you add, the more likely you are to receive alerts more often. It is often easier to find a short connection to a major airport than if is to find a cheap fare from a small airport. Sometimes using a different airport makes a huge difference in flight costs.

There is a cost to use the site but there is a free trial for 14 days so you can see if it works for you before paying. The cost is reasonable for someone on the look-out for great fare deals. I am currently on the free trial period and as a frequent traveler I think the service is worth the cost. If you pay monthly the cost is $4.99, yearly it is the cheapest since it comes out to $3.33 a month, and quarterly is $4.33 a month. When you consider the amount you could save, the price is really reasonable.

  • Choose all the airports you could travel from and get notified when Whiskr finds deals to a specific airport, all airports within 500 miles, or anything in between.
  • Choose to receive alerts via text or e-mail.
  • Choose which airports you can travel to for a flight deal. List your home airports in your filters.
  • Browse All Deals – no need to wait for notifications. Start browsing all the deals available at any time.
  • Each deal includes an availability view.
  • Set your filters to watch specific regions and those are the alerts you will receive. You can receive as much, or as little, as you want.
  • Use advanced filters to find exactly what you’re looking for. You can sort by airline or by destination.
  • You can also subscribe to deal newsletters that will alert you to deals on specific airlines or flash sales.

Overall, the site is easy to use with step by step instructions on how to set your filters. It’s also worth the cost if you are looking for the cheapest fares to specific areas. I do think you need to be flexible and able to jump on a fare as quickly as you can once an alert is received.

EVERYWHERE is on my bucket list of places to visit and Whiskr will definitely make it easier to get there!

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