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What Will It Cost to Get Sick on a Disney Cruise?

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The bags are packed and you are ready to set sail! Everyone is feeling great and ready to have a ball! You board the Disney ship and everything is great! The next morning – POW – one of you is sick!! What do you do? The easy answer is: A nurse and physician are available to provide basic medical services 24 hours a day. The more detailed answer is: A nurse and physician are available to provide basic medical services 24 hours a day, HOWEVER, TREATMENT COSTS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN YOUR CRUISE FARE!

No one wants to think about getting sick on vacation. Unfortunately it happens and sometimes happens at the worse time! Adding medical treatment charges to your vacations can sometimes ruin your vacation if you have saved and saved and saved to get there.

So you ask – what costs will be added to my cabin charges if one of my party gets sick while cruising? I apologize for the blurry photos but I think with the clear areas – you will get the  idea!





If you have to be evacuated from the ship, you will not only incur charges from the medical treatment on the ship but also from the local treatment you received on land. Also, be sure to check your health insurance policy BEFORE travelling – some will NOT cover out of country expenses if you have to be taken to a local facility.



Jaime Humenay

Monday 23rd of February 2015

These are medical CPT codes. Consider submitting the bill to your health insurance carrier as an out of network claim. You might be surprised.


Monday 23rd of February 2015

What if you have the travel insurance? Won't you be covered then.


Monday 23rd of February 2015

Yes, the travel insurance will help, unfortunately not everyone purchases it