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What Do Kids Want on a Family Vacation?

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What are some of your favorite vacation memories? Was it the time you and your family went to the beach and spent the whole day building sandcastles or burying each other under mounds of sand? Or maybe it was that camping trip that you made s’mores and put on a shadow puppet show? Or ~ just a camp out in the back yard telling ghost stories. I have hundreds of memories with my children on vacation ~ ski trips, theme parks and hours upon hours on the beach! My memories are real because my kids were kids long before everyone carried a cell phone, a tablet, a computer. Long before we stayed connected 24/7. When we were on vacation, my kids had my full attention.

My most favorite in the whole wide world recent memory would have to be watching my granddaughter in Walt Disney World® as she saw Tinker Bell fly from the castle for the very first time! I don’t know what was more priceless ~ seeing her face or seeing my son’s face as he watched her!


In these busy and hectic times, it gets harder and harder to spend quality time with the kids even on a family vacation. Everyone stays connected through devices even when we are supposed to be away from work. So what is it that our kids really want on a family vacation? US. That’s right US. They want us to disconnect and be present. It doesn’t matter where the family vacation is as long as we ARE there! See what this absolutely positively wonderful “Kid President” has to say about family vacations!



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