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5 Walt Disney World Dining Reservations You Can Still Book Last Minute

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It’s a well known fact that you have to schedule your Walt Disney World dining reservations six months before your vacation. Except, that’s not exactly true.

Although you’ll get the same advice everywhere you turn, it is not necessary to plan meals that far in advance. Yes, there are certain restaurants that are so popular, you have to make reservations as soon as your window opens. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get a reservation at others.

Chances are, the more well known and popular a restaurant is, the better the reviews, and the more pervasive those reviews are on the world wide web, it will be harder to get a table.

However, many wonderful Walt Disney World dining locations can still be booked just a few days in advance. Many of these are in the resorts and at Disney Springs, where you can often walk up and get a table.

While many fabulous restaurants at the Walt Disney World resorts are fairly easy to access, I want to focus mainly on some of the restaurants that are inside the parks as well as a couple of stand out hotel restaurants that are still easy to get a last minute table at, despite their reputation.

5 Walt Disney World Dining Reservations You Can Still Book Last Minute

Restaurant Marrakesh

Way in the back corner of the Morocco Pavilion (which is in the back of the World Showcase), is Restaurant Marrakesh.

The food in this pavilion is lauded, from the counter service Tangierine Cafe, to Spice Road Table. However, Restaurant Marrakesh, which should be the pavilions premier restaurant, goes relatively unnoticed.

There is a lot of competition in the World Showcase for good food, so it’s not difficult to snag a last minute reservation at this Mediterranean gem.

Nine Dragons

Nine Dragons gets a fair amount of negative press. Not because the food is bad, though. The problem is that it’s Chinese food and everybody has their local Chinese food that they prefer.

There is nothing terribly exotic or exciting about Nine Dragons. However, the food is good and some of the menu items are fairly inventive. It’s not the greatest value, but it is decent food in a culturally immersive environment and it is easy to book a reservation.

Yak and Yeti

Yak and Yeti is owned by Landry’s of Rainforest Cafe fame. All of the Landry’s restaurants are relatively easy to book and Yak and Yeti is not an exception.

This restaurant lies in the back of Animal Kingdom and features pan Asian cuisine. If you are unable to book a table through Disney Dining, you can still try calling the restaurant directly and they may have an opening for you.

The Wave

Hidden under the shadow of the California Grill, The Wave . . . Of American Flavors (yes, that’s what it’s called) offers exciting dishes with lots of creative flair.

It’s just a less well known restaurant in the Contemporary Hotel and it doesn’t offer the sweeping views that California Grill does. Since it is so tucked away, many non-Contemporary resort guests are aware of it, so it is easy to book a late reservation.

The Wave is also a great spot to go for a cocktail and a few bar snacks in the evening.


Sanaa has received accolades from critics over the years and it is still a favorite dining spot for many locals and repeat Animal Kingdom Lodge visitors.

The only reason it isn’t packed to the rafters every night is the location. Animal Kingdom Lodge is very inconveniently located in relation to the rest of Walt Disney World. You have to take a bus, or paid transportation to get there.

Do you have a favorite last minute dining spot in Walt Disney World?