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Heading to WDW? Don’t Forget Your Inner Child!

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A while back I read a post on Disney Dining entitled “Top 10 Ideas for an Adults Only Disney Trip” by a blogger I know, Krista Joy. Most sites that offer advice for adults visiting Walt Disney World offer the same information: spas, dining, golf, cocktails, etc., but Krista added a great one:

Don’t forget the child within you!

I thought I was the only one that thought that way! I often head to Walt Disney World with friends and we spend days embracing our inner child!  

wdw adults trip

We have epic pajama parties that would make any teenage girl jealous! We try on hats in the different countries in Epcot (while sipping a cocktail) declaring it “Epcot Hat Day”.

We hug characters. We dance down the middle of Main Street USA. We actually do things we would never consider doing with the kids in tow.

wdw adults trip

Eating cupcakes for breakfast and ice cream for lunch is always a must. Let the general silliness ensue!

After all, where else do you see grown men buying and wearing Goofy hats that they will never wear again?

wdw adults trip

Here’s some of what Krista wrote:

Don’t forget the child within you!

This is the most important thing for adults to do at Disney World! Hug a fluffy Disney character and get your picture taken. Wear your mouse ears, fly with Dumbo, get your face painted like a pirate, meet a Princess and eat a Mickey Ice Cream Bar for breakfast! Be silly, smile, and laugh. Walt Disney World is the perfect place to let your hair down as an adult – and have a magical time!

wdw adults trip

Embracing your inner child is an important part of an adult only trip to Walt Disney World. Let your hair down, hug a character and let out your inner child!

It doesn’t matter what you decide to do when you visit Walt Disney World with your pals instead of with the kids. Having that alone time makes it easy to let out your inner child.

wdw adults trip

What To Do

Use these trips to enjoy a tour. You know there are several on the list you want to do but never can because the kids aren’t old enough yet.

Snack around the World Showcase. Try one food from each kiosk. You can each take a taste so you really won’t over-eat.

Do the monorail crawl for cocktails. Have the signature cocktail at each monorail stop! Again, share if necessary so there are no tipsy friends!

Do a cupcake tour – from park to park or resort to resort – the Walt Disney World cupcakes are famous – try them all!

Relax by the pool. How often do you get to float in the pool or relax poolside without worrying about the kids – this is the time!

Ride the rides. Not the rides the kids love, but the rides you love. 

Stay at that deluxe resort you always wanted to stay at but just isn’t financially practical when you take the kids. The cost of a deluxe resort split between a few friends is amazingly affordable.

Try those restaurants that you never eat in because your kids are picky eaters! And we all know our kids always hog up the picture space with the characters!

Even with the kids in tow, you can still embrace your inner child. Teach your kids to dance right down the middle of Main Street USA. Sing along with every song (you know all the words so why not?) Show them what it’s like to let go – really let go! Let them see your fun side.

No matter what you do, when you go or who goes with you – don’t leave home without your inner child!

Didi Marie

Saturday 18th of July 2015

I'm a believer! My old self loves getting Goofy with you! ;)