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17 Ways to Take the Stress Out of Packing

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These great packing tips were written by Molly Wooders and originally published in it’s entirety on the Way to Stay Blog. With Molly’s permission, I wanted to share all of these great tips with my readers.

No matter what thrilling location you’re off to, packing for a trip can be extremely stressful. You have to plan every last detail in order to avoid over-packing—God forbid you end up paying an over-sized bag fee!

To help simplify your packing process for good , we’ve put together the following 17 packing tips. Spend just 3 hours following these simple steps, and you will be able to pack like a pro and be fully prepared for your next travel adventure.

We have also asked 17 of the top travel bloggers for their Top 3 Travel Essentials that people should bring on their next city break. So get inspired and start planning your holiday.

Tip #1 – Be Prepared Forever by Keeping Backups of all your Important Documents in One Place

It´s always important to make sure you have all the necessary documents with you before you leave for a trip. Being prepared will help you avoid any potential problems later on. Having backup copies printed out or on an app may seem like overkill, but it will make your life so much easier.

First things first, prepare all of your documents.

1. Check everything off this list that you may need for your trip:
– Passports/visa
– Personal ID/driver’s license
– Credit cards and other cash cards
– Travel insurance documents (including health insurance and EHIC card, if you own one)
– Student ID and other discount or loyalty cards

2. Spread all your items out on your bed or on a large table, grab your mobile phone or tablet and take pictures of each document.

3. Using your phone or tablet, send yourself emails with those pictures attached, with subject lines like “back-up documents 1,” “back-up documents 2,” etc. so that they can be easily searchable and found.

Now, there are 2 ways to back up your documents:

A: the “old school” way:
1. Using your laptop/PC, log into your email account, send yourself another email with your important travel documents (the ones you only have in a digital format) attached, plus the emergency phone numbers of your credit card companies, friends and family members.
2. Print out all of the important documents from the emails you just sent yourself.
3. Gather the printed documents and put them in a thin, light folder (don’t forget to place them in your carry-on luggage afterwards)

B: the “digital” way:
This one is simple: Use an app on your phone or tablet to securely store your documents digitally. One good app to use is TripIt, as it is compatible with any device (smartphone, tablet, computer, wearable) and available on iOS (including Apple Watch), Android (including Glass), BlackBerry, and Windows.

1. Simply go to your device’s application store and search for “TripIt: Trip Planner,” then download/install the app and open it.

TripIt - Waytostay


2. You will be asked if the app can use your location and send you notifications. Establish these settings based on your personal preferences.

TripIt - Waytostay


3. Click on “Create an Account.” You can sign up in two different ways:
a. Enter an email address and “Your TripIt” password (IMPORTANT: your password must contain at least 9 characters and at least 1 special character; if you don’t add a special character, anything else than letters or numbers, it won’t let you “Create an Account”).
b. Create an account with your existing Facebook, Google+ or Yahoo account.

4. Check the email address that you have used or the one associated with your Facebook or Google+ account; you should have received an email letting you confirm your TripIt account. (The app also asks you to access your location, which is mainly necessary for all other functions; choose the setting you prefer).

5. Open the email from TripIt and (which looks like this on an iPhone) and click on the “verify Email” button. It will then take you to the website and, depending on the way you have created your account, it will ask for additional details such as First and Last name and Hometown. Once you are done, click “NEXT.”

6. Go back to the app, which will refresh and show the following screen.

TripIt - Waytostay


7. To continue click on “Got it!”

8. Click on the menu bar (the 3 stripes top left corner)

9. Click on the “Profile – All about you” menu item -> this where you can:
a. Edit your profile
b. Add Travel Documents
c. Add Travel Contacts

10. Click on either of these items and enter your password when prompted, then click on “Submit.”

11. On the next screen, you need to add and confirm your pin, then click “Submit” and start adding your Travel Documents (or Travel Contacts).

12. Choose from the list and start adding the details of all your important Travel Documents and Travel Contacts one by one.

13. Use the “Other” or “Other Contact” menu item at the bottom to add documents (cards)/contacts not listed.

Note: This app has many more possibilities. For example, you can forward your confirmation emails to the app (Forward to, and your flights, hotels, car rentals, restaurant reservations, and other travel plans will automatically be recorded in your master itinerary.


1) Hoboroll. This is one of the best packing tools I´ve discovered; it helps you organize a huge amount of stuff, then compress it down to a fraction of it´s size. It´s ultralight, and with the shoulder strap can even be used as a day bag (though admittedly I rarely do this)

2) Lush Solid Shampoo bars. Lush makes all natural toiletries and cosmetics, and their solid shampoo is not only divine to use, but it lasts forever and it the perfect way to get around liquid restrictions for carry-on luggage.

3) USB Stick. I have a USB Stick Trick that involves carrying a USB stick in a secure place that has all my important information encrypted on it. That way if anything important is lost or stolen, I have all the information I need to keep traveling and replace what is gone quickly and efficiently.

Tip #2 – How to Keep your Valuables Safe and Never be Unprepared in case of Boredom or Health Issues

For long journeys, you always want to be prepared with things to keep you entertained. Place them along with any valuables in your carry-on for easy access when you travel While you’re at it, don’t forget to pack any medication or health items, you never know when you might need them.

1. Before you start packing, make sure you’ll actually be allowed to take your suitcase on your flight. Go to the website of the airline(s) you are flying with, search for maximum size and weight restrictions regarding carry-on luggage, and choose the right sized bag.
We recommend a handy backpack that you can use for day trips during your holiday as well. (See Tip #3 for more tips on choosing the right bag)

2. Go through this checklist and gather all items you might need and want to bring in one place:

– Laptop, tablet + charger
– Mobile phone, headphones + charger
– Camera, memory card + charger
– Purse or wallet (in case you don’t carry this on you)

Travel Comfort, Entertainment:
– Book, magazine, map, travel guide
– Games
– Travel pillow, blanket, ear plugs and eye mask
– Clothes for changing

– Glasses and case
– Medical ear plugs for flying
– Travel sickness tablets
– Painkillers
– Other medicine

(Especially for long journeys, you should also pack a toothbrush/-paste, deodorant and extra contact lenses with solution and case).

3. If you are bringing any liquids with you on the plane, make sure that they meet the following airport restrictions:
– Maximum 100 mL per container
– Must be carried in a sealed, transparent, plastic bag (zip lock or similar)
– No more than 1 litre of liquids per person. (for additional advice on carrying liquids, see Tip #5 )

4. Place all the items in your bag and close it!

5. Measure the weight and dimensions of your bag to make sure it still fits within the airline’s restrictions. Now it’s ready to go!

2 monkeys travel group
Kach and Jonathan, Two Monkeys Travel Group
Twitter @2MonkeysTravel


1) Buy Packing Cubes to organize your clothes !

2) Pack some clothes on your hand carry luggage, you never know what will happen with your checked in luggage.

3) Have a small tech bag where you can put all the basic gadgets – cellphone charger, laptop charger, external hard drive etc. Never ever forget to bring an international adaptor if you will be doing an around the world journey! 

Tip #3 – How Choosing the Perfect Bag will make sure you Travel Comfortable

Deciding on the best bag to take with you is crucial. You need a bag that can hold everything you need while also being easy to maneuver and comfortable to carry. Think about where you’re going and what you’ll be doing. Below you’ll see some helpful things to take into consideration before selecting a bag or suitcase.

1. Length of the trip: How long will you be away? You’ll need a much smaller bag for a weekend trip than you would for a 1-month travel adventure. This will also help you decide if you need a bag with wheels or not.

2. Type of journey: Will you be camping, or staying in a hotel/hostel? How often will you be on-the-go? Moving around a lot is much easier with a light travel bag, especially if your travels will take you literally off the beaten path. If you’re traveling to more urban destinations, though, you might want to take advantage of a bag with wheels.

3. Transportation: Are you going to have multiple layovers or lots of flights to catch? Will you be using trains and buses? Especially for air travel, a light carry-on bag that fits in overhead compartments is necessary.

4. Planned activities: Think of the equipment you’ll be bringing with you. If you’re going backpacking, for example, you’ll have to carry your bag with you at all times, and you’ll need something especially comfortable.

Some other general recommendations for selecting a bag:
Lightweight Carry-Ons: use for international travel, weekend trips, overnight stays or short business trips
– Wheeled Duffel Bags: use for adventure travel, international travel, or for weekend trips
– Rolling Luggage: use for longer business or urban travel, and weekend trips
– Backpacks and Wheeled Backpacks: use for day trips, adventure travel, multi-destination and international travel
– Travel Packs: use for business travel, day trips, and adventure travel

never ending voyage
Simon and Erin, Never Ending Voyage
Twitter @NevEndingVoyage


1) Packing cubes keep your clothes organised and allow you to it more into your luggage. They make travelling with just carry-on luggage so much easier.

2) Lush shampoo bars allow you to reduce the liquids you travel with. They are small, light, last ages, are environmentally friendly, and smell wonderful. Perfect for carry-on only travellers.

3) A Kindle or other e-reader allows you to fit hundreds of books into your luggage on a device smaller than a paperback. If you like reading in the sun, choose a proper e-reader with an e-ink display, rather than a tablet or phone.

Tip #4 – The Best Ways to Prepare your Toiletry Bag, including the Ultimate First Aid Kit

Ways Take Stress Out Packing

By thinking carefully about what to put in your toiletry bag and not over-packing, you’ll be able to free up much-needed space in your bag while making sure you’ve remembered all the essentials. Don´t worry, though, if you can´t bring everything; you can always buy the non-essentials when you arrive. Always remember to pack the First Aid Kit, as you never know when you’ll need a plaster or a bit of ointment.

1. Choose a small bag that is big enough to hold at least all basics mentioned below.

2. Gather all the items you will need and place them on a table. This checklist will help make sure you don’t leave anything behind:

– Toothbrush and toothpaste (if not already in hand luggage)
– Deodorant
– Sunscreen
– Extra contact lenses, solution, case (if not already in hand luggage)

– Lotion
– Shampoo/conditioner and shower gel
– Perfume
– Shaving kit
– Scissors, nail clippers and tweezers

Practical Tip: Place binder clips over your razor blades, that way the blade will never get damagedRazor blades - Waytostay

3. Additional items that female travelers might need:
– Hairbrush and hair ties
– Make-up case and make-up remover
– Feminine hygiene products

4. Additional items that male travelers might need:
– Styling gel
– Aftershave
– Male hygiene products

5. Prepare the First Aid Kit! What you will need for your trip will highly depend on several factors. Some questions to consider:
– Where are you going?
– What will you be doing?
– How long will your trip last?
– Do you have any pre-existing medical conditions?

Take some time and determine your holiday requirements. This basic list will help you get started:
– Personal medication
– Pain control/fever reducer
– Cough medicine
– Allergy medication
– Assortment of bandages
– Sickness/Headache Tablets
– Optional: sun relief, insect repellent

6. Place all items in the prepared toiletry bag, or use two bags if you prefer to keep your First Aid Kit separate.

7. Close the bag(s) and you’re done!

 Packing can be an absolute nightmare when it comes to choosing what to take but I have three nifty ideas for you ! 1) Save the planet, save your pennies and keep hydrated anywhere you go by investing in a filter water bottle. You´ll easily be able to get water without buying plastic bottles all the time.

2) Treat yourself to a kindle. You´ll be able to carry your story books and travel guides with ease and save space and your back (those books can get heavy !).

3) Don´t forget zip bags ! They´re perfect for dirty laundry, storing food and organizing and protecting your items. Have a great trip ! 

Tip #5 – Protect Valuables against Spillages and Keep your Liquid Containers Dry Forever

A common fear among travelers is opening your luggage to find your liquid items have leaked all over the place. However, by using an everyday item such as cling-film, you can rest assured that a leaky container will not destroy your clothing, valuables , or anything else in your bag.

1. First open the bottles for each of your liquids.

2. Grab some cling-film; tear off a section just a little larger than the opening of the bottle.

3. Wrap the cling-film over the top of the bottle and place the cap back on. Now your liquid is secure!

Practical Tip: Keep spare travel sized containers and re-fill with the essentials. It will be cheaper in the long-run and stop you from having to buy lots of travel sized bottles


1) My top three travel essentials for a city break would be a cross body bag, a portable charger and a light scarf. The cross body bag is really useful because it keeps your hands free for taking photos and also helps to keep your belongings nice and secure from pickpockets.

2) When I´m walking around cities using Google Maps I find that it really drains my phone battery, so I always travel with a mini portable charger so I can stay charged up on the go.

3) And lastly the scarf is useful for wrapping around my shoulders when visiting churches and religious sites. 

Tip #6 – How to Make the Most of Every Single Empty Space — So you Can Pack Effectively

Did you ever realize that items like shoes could be used as storage? By placing items inside other items, you can make sure that all your available space is being used properly. This helps free up extra room in your suitcase so you can pack even more things. You’ll feel like you’ve packed like a pro!

1. Place all the items you want to take with you out on a large surface, like your bed.

2. Identify any items that are large enough to hold other items inside, and set them to one side.

3. Identify all the smallest items that could be placed inside larger items, and set them to the other side.

4. Place the smaller items inside the larger ones, depending on size and shape.

5. Pack your suitcase making sure bulkier items are packed first.

6. Close your suitcase and you’re ready to go!

Practical Example: Shoes are without a doubt the best items to store little things in. Try putting socks inside your shoes: you’ll save some space but you’ll also keep your shoes in shape! (see also Tip #8 )

family adventure project
Kirsty and Stuart, The Family Adventure Project
Twitter @familyonabike


1) The rule of threes : Take one to wash, one to wear and one as a spare. Yes I know, fourteen pairs of socks gives you a choice for every outfit. But you don´t need them. Three is enough. Even if you have smelly feet.

2) Think layers : take several thin layers insead of that thick one. Easier to pack, more variety to mix and match, and just as warm.

3) Bag and squeeze. Use drybags or special packing bags and squeeze all the air out of them. The kids will love helping you do that. 

Tip #7 – Pack Heavy Items Closest to the Wheels, so you will never have crumpled clothes ever again

Ways Take Stress Out Packing

The best way to prevent your precious belongings from getting wrinkled and crumpled is by packing the heaviest items in the bottom of your suitcase, closest to the wheels. It’s also much more convenient than having to track down an iron when you arrive!

1. Identify all the items you want to take with you and lay them out on your bed.

2. Make two piles, one for the heavy items and one for the lighter items.

3. Pack the heaviest items next to the wheels to prevent them from moving when transporting the case.

4. Finish packing your suitcase by placing all the lightest items on the top (and by using the next tips!).

5. Close your suitcase and you’re ready to go!


1) As a frequent traveller, I like to pack light and smart. So when it comes to a brief city trip, a carry on backpack can already hold my top travel essentials! For the top 3 things I would never forget to pack, first would be my Venque CamPro Bag. With its front-loading versatile design, I can easily and securely pack my tech gadgets and camera while still leaving enough room for spare clothes, toiletries, and shoes.

2) Secondly, I always make sure to pack a smaller clutch bag which is perfect for leisurely strolls around the metropolis, or a quick night out.

3) Last but not least, packing in my smartphone is a definite must. Not only can it function as a camera too (which can make me ditch my bulky camera gear) but it can function as my ultra “tour guide” too what with its helpful travel apps that can make my adventures smooth and efficient.

Tip #8 – How Covering Dirty Shoes will Keep your Bag Clean and Clothes Like New

Ways Take Stress Out Packing

No matter how often you clean your shoes, there’s a very good chance they will carry dirt into your suitcase. Prevent your clothes from dirt and germs by bringing plastic bags with you. This easy solution will make sure that your clothes stay clean and fresh and prevent any avoidable washing upon arrival.

1. Next to your suitcase, line up all the shoes that you want to take with you.

2. Grab a shoe bag, plastic bag or simply a shower cap to keep your shoes in.

3. Place each pair of shoes inside the bag or cap.

4. Pack your shoes in your suitcase while keeping them in the plastic bag.

emily luxton

Emily, Emily Luxton Travels
Twitter @em_luxton


Three packing essentials I never travel without are…

1) Packing cubes – I never pack my bag without them! Packing cubes make it so easy to organise my luggage, and also help keep my clothes neatly folder. It´s like travelling with a portable set of drawers.

2) Sensible Walking Shoes – City breaks usually mean lots of sightseeing, so it´s all about comfy footwear. I like GoWalks because they´re super lightweight and so comfortable, but any comfortable trainers or walking shoes will do. Just make sure you´ve already worn them in a little.

3) Micellar Water – I use it to remove makup, cleanse, tone, and moisturise in one – it´s the most versatile little beauty product, so it´s perfect for travelling light.

Tip #9 – Keep your Clothes in Excellent Condition by Rolling instead of Folding

It can be a nightmare trying to prevent your clothes from creasing while travelling, but you can easily fix this problem by rolling them. As well as freeing up extra space in your suitcase, you will also avoid having to get the iron out whenever you turn up to your destination.

1. Lay all the clothes you want to take with you out on your bed.

2. Fold your clothes as normal and place to one side.

3. Start to roll one item at a time. It doesn’t matter which type of clothes you want to pack. Shirts, tops, jackets or trousers…keep rolling!

4. Place your clothes in the bag one by one as you roll them, squishing them in to make the most of the space available to you.



1) I think the key is to travel light but to make sure you have everything you need to stay on your feet all day. For me, the first most important thing is comfortable backpack – I´ve had the same North Face pack for years and it´s still in near-perfect condition. It sounds obvious, but you want something that you can use to carry your essentials and free up your hands.

2) Secondly, a couple of refillable water bottles. I use bottles with filters in so you can literally drink water from any old tap and be safe. Again, ´´water bottles´´ is a pretty obvious one, but you should be spending your money on wine and good food, not water´´.

3) Finally, something I´ve started using recently is a solar powered charger. You strap it to your bag and plug in your gadgets when they die – which is normally after an hour or two of intense sightseeing photography. This is a real game changer, especially for those who like to use their phone as a camera or to access maps. The most important and essential thing to take, however, is a sense of wanderlust and a willingness to get lost and be absorbed in a new destination.

Tip #10 – Why you Should Save Space in your Bag for Meaningful Items you may Find on your Travels

Ways Take Stress Out Packing

You will no doubt find plenty of brilliant souvenirs on your travels, but so often you forget to plan ahead and have no space for them on your return trip. What to do? Don’t worry; simply plan ahead by leaving a few spaces in your bag to ensure you’ve saved enough space to bring these keepsakes home safely.

1. After you’ve packed your suitcase using the previous steps, leave a few empty spaces—not too many, just big enough for a few small items.

2. On the way back from your exciting holiday, pack your souvenirs delicately in the small spaces that you have left, remembering once again that you can pack small things inside of larger items.

peanuts or preztels

Josh and Liz, Peanuts or Pretzels
Twitter @PeanutsPretzels


1) Packing cubes are one of the first tips we share with people who are packing or a trip. They are a great way to keep our clothes separated, and they really do help you to save space in your suitcase.

2) Next we recommend selecting an overall wardrobe scheme, where you have the most mix and match opportunities with your clothes, accessories and shoes. This includes having clothes that can do double duty (dressing up & dressing down).

3) Finally, don’t pack for “Just in Case”. If you really need something, you can always buy it. This saves you from lugging around something that you never use…and saves on extra bag fees!

Tip #11 – How you can Save space by Packing Wardrobe Items you can Mix and Match

Ways Take Stress Out Packing

A key problem when packing is editing your travel wardrobe. Which clothes do you want to bring with you, and which should you leave behind? Try packing two tops for every bottom you pack; that way, you’ll have plenty of outfits to choose from, but less in your suitcase overall! By coordinating different clothing options before you travel, you can prevent over-packing and still always look great.

1. Decide which bottoms you want to bring with you and lay these items out on your bed.

2. For each bottom, choose two tops that go with it and place them on your bed.

3. Double check that you are happy with all the potential outfits you have planned.

4. Pack them in the suitcase using the rolling technique ( Tip #9 ).


1) A Personal Alarm. I use one by ROBOCOPP, but there are many manufacturers. These tiny gadgets can be worn as bracelets or beepers and, when danger approaches, you´ll be able to pull a pin to have the alarm blare as loud as a fire truck. This should scare off any potential attackers.

2) Foursquare. Despite the myriad new travel apps being released to the market each year, I´m still an avid Foursquare user. It always offers the best recommendations base on my hyper-local location, budget and interests. For example, instead of showing me ´´Food in NYC´´ I can search ´´Ice Cream near 24th and 9th ´´

3) Pickpocket-Proof Garmets. I use Clever Travel Companion. But there are other brands out there also creating garments with hidden pockets inside. They´re cute to wear as is or as under garments, and relieve you of having to carry a purse. Thieves won´t even know you have cash or cards on you !

Tip #12 – How you can keep your shirt collars stiff and crisp forever with a simple beltWays Take Stress Out Packing

You don´t want to arrive at your destination and open your suitcase to find the collars of your shirts or blouses crumpled and out of shape. With the simple tip of placing a belt inside the collar, you won´t have to worry again and will also have a novel way to pack your belts without wasting too much space.

1. Decide which shirts or blouses you want to take with you and lay them out on your bed.

2. Fold them as normal and button the collar.

3. Take a belt and start to coil it on the inside of the collar.

4. Continue to pack using the rest of the tips mentioned in this article.

travel fashion girl


1) Always travel carry-on only: unless you’re moving to one location for an extended period of time, you can usually travel carry-on only to any destination for any period of time. Traveling with less luggage helps you have a more pleasant trip by avoiding inconveniences dealing with oversized luggage that may become cumbersome on a multi-destination trip where you only spend one-three nights in each location.

2) Pack no more than fifteen clothing items – in an effort to travel carry-on only it’s important that you pack strategically. avoid taking more than fifteen clothing items and make sure each item is interchangeable with the rest. use packing lists to help you take the items you need and nothing more.

3) Take three pairs of shoes max – three is the magic number for many of the items you need to pack such as bras, socks, and shoes, too. choose shoes that mix and match with all your clothing and that can be worn for various activities on your trip. Comfort always trumps fashion for the shoes you plan to wear while sightseeing. always break them in before wearing them to avoid having a holiday ruined by sore feet.

Tip #13 – Always Pack an Empty Plastic Bag to Store Dirty Laundry and Keep Clean Clothes Fresh

The best way to avoid your dirty laundry from mixing with your clean clothes is very simple: use a plastic bag. This simple tip will make sure you don´t have to increase your workload by doubling the amount of washing that needs to be done when you get back home.

1. Find a couple of clean, empty plastic bags.

2. Simply roll them into a ball and place in one of the small spaces in your suitcase to save room, such as inside a shoe or a side pocket.


1) When I´m off on a weekend break to a city, I always make sure my Google Maps is up to date and I ALWAYS download the map of the city I´ll be heading to, so even when I´m wifi-less, I can still use my GPS.

2) Also, I make sure to have my powerbank charged so I can always have a phone charger, it´s super important because it´my camera, my GPS and my way to keep occupied on public transport!

3) Finally, I always make sure to carry something that could be dressed down in the day, but dressed up in the night. For a guy like me, it´s always a collared shirt and a pair of plimsole type sneakers, enough to go clubbing in or a swanky restaurant, without being turned away!

Tip #14 – The Best Ways to Safeguard your Resources by Keeping your Money and Credit Cards in Different Places

Give yourself peace of mind during your trip by simply separating your money and credit cards. Don’t store everything in one place! That way, if the worse comes to the worst and you lose one credit card or have money stolen, you will have backup funds to help you get by while you deal with the situation.

1. When packing, divide your cash and credit cards into two or three piles.

2. Make sure you carry one “pile” on you, one in your carry-on bag, and a third in your socks or your shoes if you so desire.

Practical Example: Place some emergency bills in an empty lip balm container, in case you get your wallet stolen. Thieves would never expect a lip balm to be so valuable!

camels and chocolate


1) Due to all the electronics I take – an iPhone, MacBook Pro, Kindle, Canon DSLR, multiple lenses and a GoPro or two – on any trip. I never leave home without packing tem all carefully in a Lo & Sons. That´s both cute and functional and doubles as a great day bag once I get to my destination.

2) In terms of footwear, I used to solely wear flip-flops on trips until I discovered the beauty of Tieks. Initially, they were a bit more than I wanted to spend on shoes but they´ve paid off in comfort, especially when exploring a city like Paris where I´m walking as much as 13 miles a day.

3) My recent travels have been plagued with rain, so now I never leave home without a waterproof jacket that´s bright – my current front runner is a yellow one from the Banana Republic outlet – so it pops in photos but also shields me and aforementioned electronics) from any unexpected weather.

Tip #15 – How Wrapping your Breakables in Socks will Stop them from breaking

Ways Take Stress Out Packing

Your precious items can get easily damaged when you are travelling if packed haphazardly. Rolling items in towels can be tricky, as they are bulky and not always necessary to pack if you’re staying at a hotel or with a local family. Simply wrapping breakables in socks removes extra work and helps you avoid any nasty surprises at the end of your journey.

1. Set aside all the breakable and delicate items you have.

2. Take a pair(s) of socks and place the items inside.

3. Pack your suitcase by following the tips above.

4. Close your suitcase and you’re ready to go!


1) A solar USB mobile phone charger to charge my phone when I´m walking around – very light weight, eco-friendly, cheap and compatible with every country that has sunshine.

2) Multi-colored tie wraps, to ´´lock´´ my luggage. It doesn’t actually lock a bag, and is easy to remove, but difficult to replace. So my theory is thief’s will pick another bag to steal.

3) A super small USB stick with important personal documents and data. Also handy for printing out boarding passes on destinations with airports that do not accept e-boarding passes.

Tip #16 – Always Be Prepared for Any Weather by Packing Waterproof Items on the Top of your Suitcase

If you suddenly get caught in a rain shower, you don´t want to waste time digging through your suitcase for the coat you packed at the bottom. Avoid all that hassle and annoyance by packing everything you might need right on top!

1. Identify all the items you might need if you were to get caught in a storm (like a coat or an umbrella) and set them aside on your bed as you pack your other items.

2. Pack your suitcase following the tips above, but remember to leave these items aside.

3. Place the remaining items at the top of your suitcase.

4. Close your suitcase and you’re ready to go!
Bonus Tip: If you’re going somewhere cold, plan ahead for unexpected warmer weather by wearing a few layers. This means that if the weather changes, you can easily remove a jacket or sweater and still stay comfortable.

dont forget to move
Jules and Christine, Don´t Forget To Move
Twitter @dontforget2move


1) When planning a trip, whether it´s a weekend getaway or another year around the world, we never leave home without our packing cells, a portable clothesline and peanut butter. These are three travel essentials that have helped us many times along the way. Packing cells help us organize our bag, without the stress of packing and repacking all the time. They´re such a simple design, but save so much time.

2) Our portable clothesline is essential for being able to string up our washing wherever we may be travelling. It´s lightweight, stretchy and super useful.

3) Finally, we never leave without packing some peanut butter. It´s the perfect go to snack when exploring a new city, hiking mountains or when decent food can´t be found, especially as a vegetarian in some of the more meat friendly places around the world.

Tip #17 – Never lose or damage your Chargers and other Wires by Storing them in a Sunglasses Case

Avoid having to run to the nearest electronics shop when you arrive at your destination by placing all your wires in a sunglasses case. This simple yet effective technique will stop you from forgetting any essentials while keeping them from getting damaged in one easy-to-find place.

1. Set all the wires you’ll need during your trip to one side of the bed.

2. Double check that you have everything you will need.

3. Take an old sunglasses case and carefully place the wires inside, avoiding over-packing (use another case if necessary).

4. Pack it in your suitcase and you’re ready to go!

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1) A powerbank for your phone so you don´t run out of battery while you´re exploring the city and taking photos.

2) Stylish but comfortable shoes. You want to be able to walk around all day and still look fashionable. A pair of ballet flats are a great idea.

3) A pashmina or large scarf. You can use these in so many ways! To stay warm on a chilly flight, protect your shoulders from the sun, cover up when visiting churches or temples or even as picnic blanket for lunch in the park.

Ways Take Stress Out Packing

Now for one more step…

Are you ready to use our 17 packing tips to make sure you’re prepared for any obstacle traveling may throw at you?

If so, leave us a quick comment to let us know which tip you are going to try out first, or the tip you found most useful if you’ve already implemented them!

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