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How To Catch Up On Your Favorite TV Shows Abroad

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Want to keep watching your favorite TV shows while abroad? In many countries, you won’t be able to access the same channels, nor will you be able to catch up with programs on official channel websites.

Watch TV Abroad

You could also find that paid subscription services like Netflix and Hulu are blocked abroad (even if you’ve downloaded shows, you may find that you’re unable to watch them in another country).

Fortunately, there are still ways to keep following your favorite shows while in a foreign country. Here are just four methods that you can try to help catch up with your favorite shows while abroad.

Use a VPN

A VPN (virtual private network) can allow you to set your IP address to any country. This can allow you to then view content from that country as if you were based there, allowing you to watch blocked content. 

VPNs are perfectly legal and they have added benefits such as providing anonymity and encryption to secure you against hackers. That said, Netflix and Hulu have started to crack down on VPN users – only certain VPNs are likely to work, so do your research beforehand.

Guides such as this one at TroyPoint explain how you can use a VPN with an Amazon firestick. VPN apps are the most common way of using a VPN.

Use a smart DNS tool

Smart DNS tools are similar to VPNs – they are readily available as apps and allow you to access geo-restricted content, allowing you to watch your favorite shows while abroad. Like VPNs, they are also perfectly legal.

The main difference is that they do not encrypt data or provide anonymity, so they have no added security benefits. They are also more complicated to set up. Fortunately, they are cheaper than VPNs.

This guide at ITProPortal offers more information on how smart DNS tools work and why you might want to use one. 

Try online streaming sites/apps

You may be able to watch your favorite shows without downloading a VPN or smart DNS app. There are free sites and apps out there where you can stream and download TV shows and movies. The issue with these sites and apps is that they often contain pirated content, making them not the best option.

Not only could you find that the content is poorer quality, but there could be a risk of exposing your device to viruses. Downloading content from these sites could also be deemed illegal. Use them at your own risk.

Use a screen recording tool

Another option could be to stream a program on your laptop and record it using a screen recording tool. You can then effectively rewatch the program whenever you want. This is by far the least convenient and least recommended option as it requires you to stream the program before you jet off (you may as well watch it there and then).

The quality of the recording could be interrupted by pop-ups of buffering. Furthermore, it’s against Netflix and Hulu’s rules and could even be deemed illegal if you then share the content online.

watch tv abroad
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