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Yo Ho and Ahoy Matey! 5 Pirate Landmarks You Can Visit on Your Next Vacation

visit pirate landmarksMany people are fascinated by the pirate life. You see it recreated in movies and you’ve probably watched a documentary about real-life pirates at some point in your life. Pirates led a pretty risky lifestyle and it’s appealing to our human curiosity to learn more about pirates. The great news is that you actually can visit some pirate landmarks. If you’re looking to go out on an adventure of a lifetime and visit some pirate landmarks, then here’s your list of 5 pirate landmarks you can visit.

Fox Point

Located on St George Island in Florida, William Augustus Bowles fought on both sides of the aisle back in the day, but one day proclaimed himself a pirate. He attacked numerous ships and finally was arrested by Spanish authorities, escaped via HMS Fox to Florida and now you can visit the historical landmark Fox Point in Florida.

Quedagh Merchant

Located on Catalina Island in the Dominican Republic, Quedagh Merchant was a ship full of gold and riches that flew the French flag. William Kidd was hired in 1695 to seize this ship because the English governor felt he had a right to this French ship. For years the ship’s location was unknown until 2007 when the wreck was discovered and now you can visit this official pirate landmark.

Dungeon Rock

Located in Lynn, Massachusetts Edwin Marble and his group of buccaneers arrived here in 1658. Legend says this was the hideout of a pirate named Thomas Veal who escaped being arrested. Sometime later an earthquake trapped Veal and all his treasure inside this Dungeon Rock. You can now visit this site at certain times of the year. You may also pay respects to Edwin Marble’s grave nearby.

Photo Credit: Lynn Woods Reservation

Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop

Located in New Orleans, Louisiana this blacksmith shop is now a bar but back during the War of 1812 a man named Lafitte and his supposed brother Pierre arrived at this location. They helped during the American forces by providing ample supplies such as ammo in exchange to release Lafitte’s buddies who were imprisoned. Later on, Lafitte and his brother received federal pardons.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

A Pirate Filled Cemetery

Located in Ile Saint-Marie, Madagascar this location was a magnet for pirates during The Age of Sail. This was back in the 17th and 18th Centuries, many pirates set up trading ports on this island. During this timeframe, more than 1,000 pirates are said to have lived on the island of Ill Saint-Marie and today you can visit the tombstones of those pirates who lay there resting in peace buried on the island.

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I hope that you’ll get out there and check these locations out. It’s fascinating to see these pirate landmarks in real life and of course, it’s always fun to travel to new places.

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