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The Best Spots to View Fireworks at the Magic Kingdom~WDW

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View Fireworks Magic Kingdom

One of the best experiences at Walt Disney World is the fireworks. They’re magical, extravagant and a great way to end each night. Especially Wishes in the Magic Kingdom. Sadly, it’s not magical to be squashed by all the other park goers to try and watch them. Sure, you can pay money for a dessert party to have a great view without everyone else. On the other hand, there are tons of good spots to watch the fireworks at Walt Disney World that don’t include spending money.

If you keep up with Disney news you already know that Wishes is leaving on May 11, 2017 and starting May 12th 2017 Disney’s newest fireworks spectacular, Happily Ever After, will be taking it’s place. Whether it is your first trip or you thirtieth, you still know that means everyone will want to view the newest event. It could end up being a nightmare. Thankfully there are several places you can watch Happily Ever After (and Wishes before that) without opening your wallet!

(David Roark, photographer)

You can watch from the beach of the Polynesian Resort or any other beach along the Bay Lake and Seven Seas Lagoon. These are great, less crowded spots to view the fireworks. You can sit in the sand and enjoy the colors in the sky. The only downfall would be the fact they can’t pipe the music through. So if music is important to your experience, somewhere else might be a better option.

The bridge over Tomorrowland is a great way to watch the fireworks too. This area is often less crowded and still a good place to view the show. It’s most amazing since Tinkerbell flies right over your head! Just one suggestion; be careful of trees that could obstruct your view. (While they have not confirmed Tinkerbell will still be a part, they haven’t said no either. So don’t stop believing!)

The California Grill may give you a good viewing area, if you get lucky, but there’s a similar spot at the Contemporary Resort for free. The fourth-floor balcony has a seating area facing directly at the castle, and the music is piped in, so you get the full experience. 

The Magic Kingdom Train Station is a good viewing platform if you’re willing to climb the stairs and arrive early to get a railing view.

Believe it or not, the worst place to view the fireworks is right in front of the castle. All the big fireworks go off behind it, where you are unable to see. You would have to crane your neck and if you are short, that is very painful! The crowds in this area are horrible.

Next time you go to Walt Disney World, make sure to try a new spot to watch everything. You never know, you may find a new tradition for your family. And if all else fails you can always FastPass the fireworks for some good seats.