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Tips On How To Use Walt Disney World’s Mobile Technology

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Using Disney Mobile Technology

Mobile technology is an almost inescapable fact of life. It used to be one way of looking at a vacation was as an escape from the trappings of technology. However, technology has become so ingrained in everything we do that it’s entrenched itself in our vacation lives as well.

In a way, this is good, because we are so used to it. Mobile technology is such a primary way of connecting to the world, that to go without it can be stressful. On the other hand, it still might be difficult to get used to the idea of relying so heavily on Disney mobile technology while you are staying at Walt Disney World.

It might be second nature to scroll through your Instagram feed while you wait in line for Space Mountain. But, part of the joy of Walt Disney World has always been the artfully crafted surroundings. Around every corner and in every nook and cranny are new magical surprises.

How do you use the Disney Apps?

Each App is super easy to set up and use. After all, it’s Disney!

How do you reconcile detailed surroundings with mobile features? You integrate them to make the experience more interactive rather than distracting.

There are three primary forms of Disney mobile technology: The Play Disney Parks App, The Magic Band, and My Disney Experience.

My Disney Experience

This app is the current king of Walt Disney World vacation planning. You do everything with it. If you don’t use this app it will hold you back from having the best possible Walt Disney World vacation. There are just too many tools and too many advance reservations to make.

The My Disney Experience App is easy to use. Just select the icons for whatever you want to do. The (+) icon lets you add Fastpasses, Dining Reservations, a Food Order at nearby Quick Service Locations, and make purchases through Memory Maker and Ticket Sales.

The Location icon to the left of the (+) shows a map of current wait times. The park will be based upon your current location, but you can change the park map in your view by tapping “filters on the top left corner of your screen. To see wait times/locations as a list, tap “list view” on the right side of the screen.

My Disney Experience lets you place mobile orders for food so you don’t have to wait in lines. It also manages your vacation plans and carries your park tickets, Fastpasses, and Reservations.

At your hotel, you can check-in remotely and skip the registration desk. You can also use the app as your room key using the resort hotel function on the app.

Something New Coming:

It’s called Disney Genie, and where My Disney Experience is great for all your planning needs, Disney Genie can help if you just don’t have the time to plan on your own!

Disney Genie will work alongside your My Disney Experience app to help make planning your days even easier! With “customized itineraries geared to your interests, right at your fingertips,” Disney Genie will help guests find the most efficient plan that fits best for them, whether they’re thrill-seekers or seeking the royal treatment.

There has not been an indication about whether Disney Genie will incur a cost or if it will be a complimentary service. It is also not known at this time when it will be up and running. The only information about a release date is “2020.”


You might not think of MagicBands as Disney Mobile technology, but they are. Although you don’t have to deal with an interface, the RFID bracelets connect to your registered account. The bands are synched up to your Fatpasses, park tickets, room key code and more.

Using Disney Mobile Technology

Disney also uses the technology in the MagicBands to entice guests into lower traffic areas, and add personal flourishes to some attractions. In addition to other forms of Access, your MagicBand and a PIN code will allow you to make purchases virtually anywhere in the resort and charge them to your room.

Play Disney Parks

The Play Disney Parks app is a creative way to use mobile technology to bring people together and to uncover some additional elements during your park visit. Once you download your app, make sure to enable your Bluetooth.

Using Disney Mobile Technology

The app gives you achievements for riding attractions, reveals themed playlists and shows interactive things you can do around the parks. Select Disneyland or Walt Disney World to get started. Then choose among the parks and resorts to begin using this new layer of Disney fun.


At Disney’s Hollywood Studios your Play Disney Parks app becomes a Datapad for Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. This theme park expansion was created with mobile interactivity in mind. Most of the cool things you can do in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge are by virtue of Disney mobile technology.

Using Disney Mobile Technology

Using the Datapad, you can create a user profile to hack, scan, translate, and tune your way through Black Spire Outpost as Resistance, First Order, or a scoundrel.

Using Disney Mobile Technology

Zena’s Suitcase

Saturday 29th of August 2020

I didn’t realise Disney had all these apps. Disney Genie sounds brilliant and it’s a service I’d definitely consider using when we visit. I can totally see that having the Disney apps and technology are there to help you have the best experience

Janice Brady

Sunday 30th of August 2020

The apps are really the best way to go right now with all of the changes in place. Be sure to use the app to pre-order your food too!