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Unique Ways to Preserve Your Travel Memories

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Traveling broadens the mind and opens you up to new cultures and experiences. These adventures are fondly remembered long after the journey has ended. However, it’s often fun to find ways to remember our travels. There are many ways to preserve travel memories. For the avid traveler, these are a few unique ways to remember each trip.

Use a travel pin map

A map is a great way to point out places that you’ve been. You can use a normal map or find a detailed on and post it on an open wall. Whenever you travel to a new country or city, use a pushpin to mark the spot. You can also attach small flags to the pins that state the dates of travel. This is a fun way to remember each trip.

Make travel videos

With today’s technology, you can easily make travel videos on your phone or computer. Pictures are a great way to remember a trip, but you can also take short clips throughout each adventure and then put them together. Make it a point to record some of your moments. You can usually just film short clips using a normal phone so you don’t have to invest in any special equipment or software. Edit the collection of videos at the end of the trip and make a short travel movie. This is great for yourself and also to share with family and friends.

Make your own coins

This option is a fun one that’s especially great if you like to collect one particular item. Custom coins can be personalized with details such as the dates of travel, destination, and then stored or displayed however you choose. You can also choose the shape of the coin so this type of collectible can be customized to fit your unique style.

Create a travel blog

Many people blog today and it’s a fun and rewarding hobby. You can create a travel blog that uses pictures, videos, and text to convey your travels. This can be private or public. It’s also a good way to share your adventures with friends. They may even want to use your experiences when traveling themselves. Consider this as a fun way to remember the trip and also keep a record of it handy.

Make a travel photo book

Scrapbooks are always fun, but they may not be great for you if you’re not a crafty person. The good news is that photo books are done digitally and can be personalized easily. You can use pre-made formats or design your own. They can also include text to keep track of places, dates, and personal comments you want to add. The possibilities of a photo book are endless so have fun making your own.

Finally, make sure that however you choose to remember your trip is fun and meaningful for you. These options give you some great ideas, but you can also come up with your own. If you are not sure how best to keep the memories of the trip alive, use these ideas to review some unique options.