Turning Downtown Disney into Disney Springs

2014-03-10 09.28.07I had some free time to kill on my last visit to Walt Disney World® so thought I would hop over to Downtown Disney® to check on the construction work that will transform Downtown Disney® into Disney Springs. I went early in the morning before most things were open so that I could get a good look at what is happening. To be honest, I can’t imagine trying to get there, park a car, and comfortably navigate through the area during a crowded time. Parking is limited and valet parking ($) is offered to make it easier, however, if you plan to visit and are staying on property, I highly recommend using Disney transportation from your resort to get there.

Construction walls and cranes are everywhere. I’m not sure why I assumed that construction would be limited to certain areas at a time – but this is not the case. Construction is wide-spread from one end to the next. Some walkways are narrow, some shops closed completely and I think I would greatly disappointed if visiting for a long awaited WDW vacation and arrived at Downtown Disney® – I can’t imagine it is comfortable to walk around the area with a crowd. Unless you have a specific reason to go – like a dining reservation – I don’t recommend going just to stroll around during a crowded time.


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