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7 Biggest Trip Planning Blunders and How to Avoid Them

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Trip Planning Blunders

Planning for a trip is exciting, but it will only be as amazing as you hope if you put the effort into the planning stage as well. There are things you can do right and some mistakes that just aren’t worth making. So, if you are looking for a fun-focussed excursion where you experience everything you’ve been dreaming about, read the following trip-planning blunders and make sure they’re avoided at all costs!

trip planning blunders

Packing Too Much

What you pack for a trip depends on where you are visiting, when you are going, and what kind of thing you will be doing when you get there. If it’s a weekend in Lanzarote during summer with your friends, you will need swimwear, going out clothes, and a few casual lay about outfits. But if you’re going to the South of France on a family camping trip, your bag will look a little different. So, don’t pack too much, and don’t overthink it. You need an outfit for every day you’re there and spare sets just in case. There are plenty of essential lists to get inspiration from too. 

Not Budgeting

If you’ve never sat down and worked out a budget for a trip before, this is your sign to do it! Life is so much easier when you plan your finances, and it would be a huge mistake to wing it. You don’t want to run out of money and you can’t risk overspending. You still need to be able to afford life when you get back home, after all. Saving up is a good idea, and so is pre-booking as many things as possible in advance. 

Forgetting About the Insurance

Travel insurance is a lifeline if and when it’s needed. There are so many things that could go wrong on your trip from lost luggage to personal injury. Find a policy that will cover you for the duration and add it to your holiday budget. Some things are just worth the investment and it will give you extra peace of mind too. 

Booking Your Travel Arrangements without Shopping Around

How you travel will obviously be a major topic of discussion. If you are going abroad, the most common option is flying. There are always deals to be found, so don’t think you have to settle for the first thing you come across on the search engine. There are options that help you find cheap flights to your chosen destination, and they are really worth using. 

Being Too Touristy

Tourist traps are everywhere all over the world. One thing you can avoid in the planning stage is booking all the big tourist spots and failing to research anything else. Look where the locals like to go, and maybe plan a few days to focus on places like this instead! There is plenty to be found if you open your eyes and look hard enough. 

Failing to Research Your Destination

You might know where you’re going but have you really looked any deeper into it? There are always unique paths to tread and local customs to take on board before you arrive somewhere new. Fitting in with the culture will be important and give you a more authentic experience overall. 

Not Organizing Your Phone

So many phone companies have data charges for using the service abroad. Look into your specific contract policy and let your phone company know you’re going to be spending time in a different country if applicable. That way, you can avoid all the unexpected (high) charges. 

Trip planning blunders can happen to anyone. Don’t fall victim to the common mistakes and be the best planner you can be to facilitate the most amazing experience away from home.