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3 Trendy Places to Stay Overnight While Traveling

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Trendy Overnight Stay Travel

To most people, one of the biggest dilemmas when traveling is finding the best place to stay. It may not be such a big deal, but today, there are so many options out there that it is getting harder and harder to choose where to stay. Depending on our own preferences, we also have to consider on staying within our budget and level of comfort. Also, you have to consider the type of accommodation you are going to be staying in depending on the number of days you are traveling. Sometimes, it can be pretty difficult to choose if you are going to stay only overnight.

Nevertheless, choosing and booking for a place stay for the night shouldn’t be complicated. Whether you are looking for a simple, budget room or a posh hotel, there are several options out there today that you can choose from.

Here are three trendy places to stay overnight while traveling:


Hostels will never get out of trend especially to the younger generation. While most people who choose this type accommodation are younger, it has evolved drastically enough that it has also become a great option for different types of travelers, even those who are on business trips. This is a great choice for travelers who like to have the local experience. Staying at hostels also allows you to interact with other travelers and have fun. The fun set-up of a hostel is what makes this type of accommodation a huge trend to young travelers nowadays. They tend to be a bit communal where you can meet other people. For those who want to have a bit of privacy, there are also private rooms and most of the time, cheaper than hotels. Hostels also have fully equipped kitchens so you can cook your own meals while traveling.


For long-term travel plans, group travel, or even luxury travel, renting a private house or apartment is a good option. Basically, travelers choosing this option will be renting out another person’s home for the duration of their stay. With this, the homeowner may stay and become your host or stay somewhere else during the duration of your stay.

Booking on Airbnb has been widely popular also because it is easy to book, and you can also read reviews before booking. A lot of people are also using this option and give positive feedback on social media, which draws even more people. But if you are unable to find one through Airbnb, there are also a lot of alternatives out there. Just look for a trustworthy airbnb competitor.


Couch-surfing is an online community where you can check out hosts and sleep on their couch or even a spare room, if there is one, for free. This is a great option for budget travelers and for people who are into immersing themselves into local experiences. A lot of people swear by this and has been proven to be a great platform to have a positive experience while traveling.