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5 Tips to Taking a Trek in Bhutan

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Bhutan, located in South Asia is a Buddhist kingdom on the Himalayas’ eastern edge, and is known for its monasteries, fortresses (or dzongs) and dramatic landscapes that range from subtropical plains to steep mountains and valleys. As of 2016, Bhutan ranked first in economic freedom, ease of doing business, and peace; and second in per capita income.

Photo Credit: Michael Foley Photography via Flickr

If you are planning a holiday to Bhutan, you may want to consider booking your trip through Kandoo Adventures as there is a lot to plan. Because of its uniqueness and popularity, it is highly likely that you will not be able to get tickets to areas that you want to visit because things sell out quickly. If you do not plan your trip months in advance, you could be left with utter disappointment upon arrival. Be sure to plan ahead and when in doubt, book your trip through a professional tour guide. If you plan to book the trip on your own, here are some tips to help you.

Trek Bhutan

Photo Credit: Inga Vitola via Flickr

  • Be aware of the seasons. Depending on where you plan to trek, you will want to make sure that you pay close attention to the weather. Because of the altitude, the weather could change at any moment so it is important that you are aware of the seasons and plan accordingly. Generally, the weather tends to be more mild between November and April. While it is nice during the day, you can expect the evenings and nights to be cold. Throughout the other months in the year, the weather will be hot during the day and cooler in the evening. Many believe that the best time to trek in this area of the world is in between October and November or from March to May.
  • Accommodations. If you are traveling with a tour guide, you will not have to worry as they will set up your accommodations for you. However, if you are planning to go at this trip on your own, you will want to plan out your stay before you arrive. You can consider booking a home-stay where you will pay a family to put you up in their home. You will have the opportunity to eat meals with them and learn about them. This is a great way to learn about the people of Bhutan. If you are going with a group, you can count on spending your nights camping outdoors on your trek. This can be quite a unique experience but be sure to pack accordingly as it can get very cold in the evenings.
  • Food. If you are staying with a family in a home-stay program, often times they will provide the food. If you are exploring Bhutan with a tour, you will likely eat food together in the camp area. Do not be alarmed that your water will be boiled every evening so that you can have water on your next day’s adventures.
  • Clothing and equipment. There are many stores that will provide clothing and equipment for purchase. If you are traveling from around the world to Bhutan, you will likely not want to travel with all of your equipment. Rest assured that you can purchase all that you need upon arrival. When you do purchase your equipment and clothing items, do not overdo it. Remember that what you purchase, you will have to carry with you on your trip.
  • Permits. Some areas that you want to trek may require a permit or special advanced ticketing due to overcrowding. You will want to be sure that this is sorted weeks before you arrive as it would be disappointing to get there and not be able to see what you were hoping to visit.