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You Won’t Believe What Awaits You In Utah

If you’re thinking about coming to the United States on vacation or perhaps traveling to different states if you already live there, it’s likely that there are a few states already at the top of your list. You might want to visit Orlando Florida for theme parks or New York and wander around the city that never sleeps. You may be intrigued by Washington.

travel to utah
Photo by Joshua T from Pexels

Travel to Utah

Every state claims to have “something for everyone.” But not every state has 3.5 distinct geographic regions, five national parks, 45 state parks, 5 national historic sites and trails, and a dozen national monuments and recreation areas.

Not every state lets you ski and golf and go to the ballet all in one day.

Indeed, we’re willing to bet that Utah isn’t even in your top 5 choices or even your top 10.

Here are a few reasons why that should change:


If you’re looking for a thrilling vacation, then Utah is certainly a brilliant place to be. If you visit this state then you’ll be able to go skiing. Guided Utah backcountry ski tours are available and the perfect way to enjoy this activity.

You will also be able to enjoy what is widely considered to be the best snow in the world. There are lots of different slopes too so there’s no set rule in terms of the level of experience that you need. 

National Parks

There are quite a few different national parks around Utah for you to explore. If you love the outdoors and the wild then you’re not going to be disappointed with what these parks have to offer.

There are also some brilliant spots for photo opportunities, particularly in places like Canyonlands National Park. This is famous for some incredible rock formations that you’re definitely going to want in the background for your Instagram feeds.

A Massive Lake

You will also be able to visit the Great Salt Lake. This lake is a tremendous 72 miles in length and that makes it the largest salt water, inland lake in the western hemisphere. It’s absolutely huge and really needs to be seen to be believed.

Image by Sharon Kehl Califano from Pixabay 

There’s plenty of reasons to visit this lake however one of the best is that you can actually swim here. On one side you will find countless beaches where lots of people do choose to swim through the summer months.

Something unique about this lake is that there’s enough salt in it that you can actually float. In this way, it’s similar to the dead sea.

Go Flat Out

Finally, if you’re a car enthusiast, then you should definitely consider visiting the Bonneville Salt Flats. As the name suggests, this is a near completely flat stretch of land that goes for miles. This has made it popular with drivers and it’s where a lot of land speed records have been set too.

Most of the time it’s nearly completely deserted which means that you can try it for yourself if you’re brave enough. Take it at whatever speed you feel comfortable and race across the flat ground. Do be aware that through the winter, there is usually a thin layer of water and if that’s the case it won’t be accessible.

Best Time to Visit

Moderate crowds and temperatures in April–May and September–October make these months the best time to visit Utah and its national parks. Spring boasts active wildlife and blooming flowers. Pleasant fall wraps Utah in colorful foliage along the scenic drives. June to August is the season of spectacular activities like Bonneville Speed Week or stargazing, but these months are the hottest and most touristic. December to February can be snowy and freezing up north, and you have a chance to explore ice castles, warm up in the Mystic Hot Springs or ski in dramatic mountains.

We hope this has convinced you that Utah could be a fantastic place to visit, regardless of what you’re searching for from your next vacation. It presents some wonderful, fun opportunities that you definitely won’t want to miss. 

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