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5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Trip to Los Angeles

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A trip to Los Angeles is one of the most exciting vacation destinations you can plan for!  Getting to walk through this star-studded city and enjoy everything it has to offer can really make for some unforgettable memories.

Whether you’ve visited before or not, there is some planning you should do to ensure that you get the most out of your visit. Otherwise, you may find yourself disappointed you couldn’t fit everything in.

Follow these 5 travel tips for Los Angeles and you’ll definitely have a great time!

travel tips for los angeles

Plan Clusters of Activities to Avoid Traffic

Although it may sound tempting to skimp on the planning and just approach your day by going wherever you feel like at any given time, try to avoid it. LA is simply not the city for that.

For example, you may think you can start your day at the Getty, then spend a few hours at Disneyland and finish it off at the Malibu Wine Safaris, but this isn’t feasible. Although all of these are part of LA, driving to Disney from the Getty takes an hour in good traffic, and then from Disney to Malibu Wine Safaris is almost a two-hour drive itself. On top of that, navigating long lines and dense crowds can be tricky; it’s easy to lose an entire day if you don’t plan ahead.

Instead of trying to jet from one end of the city and back again in record time, schedule activities based on LA’s different sections. Instead of visiting whatever attractions randomly take your fancy, pick out a few that are all close together and then spend a day hitting them all. The next day, do the same with a different part of town.

Bring Your Car or Rent One

Don’t try to Uber or Lyft around LA.  Everything is far apart, and traffic takes forever to get through.  Instead, either drive to Los Angeles or rent a car when you arrive.  This can save you tons of money and give you the freedom to go where you want.

Release Your Inner Child At Least Once

Everyone should experience Disneyland once in their lives. And I mean everyone!  It’s a fun park where you can let loose your inner child and be in awe of all of the rides and interactive exhibits.  At the same time, don’t try to plan anything else besides a nearby dinner or breakfast if you’re going to this park. 

If you only go one day a year, it’s going to take the full day to make your way through the park.  Ensure that you keep hydrated, eat snacks and meals when you’re hungry, and bring sunscreen for when you start getting hot.

Spend A Day Enjoying the Arts

All the classic LA things are a blast: the shopping, the famous film locations, the theme parks, etc. But consider checking out the local arts, culture, and history while you’re here, as well!

LA is a city built on art, after all. From the Museum of Art to the Disney Museum, you can enjoy dozens of fun and interesting places to learn more about the city’s creative legacy. Whether you love movies, music, cartoons, or stand-up comedy, today’s pop culture landscape owes a lot to the artists who live in LA and who continue to make the area a creative hot spot, so have fun learning about them while you visit!

Cook 2 Out of 3 Meals for Yourself

Visiting LA is expensive!  Everything from the food to the entertainment is more costly, so don’t be surprised when you realize you’re spending an insane amount of money.  Fortunately, you can mitigate the damage by budgeting carefully, and also taking advantage of opportunities to not spend money.

One of the biggest of these opportunities is dining. Eating at restaurants for every meal costs as much as a vacation on its own, especially in LA. Instead, buy yourself some groceries and feed yourself for at least two meals out of the day. 

This allows you to splurge on at least one meal without hurting your bank account.  This is easier to do if you rent Airbnb located in a Los Angeles apartment, where you’ll have access to a full kitchenette. Just remember not to buy anything you won’t be able to eat during your stay; stick to simple things, like breakfast cereal and sandwich ingredients.