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Worried About Theft When You Travel? How to Keep Your Valuables Safe

When you’re enjoying the trip of a lifetime, the last thing you want is to find that your valuables have been stolen! Whether it’s your passport and travel documents, your camera, money, watch or even tech, having something stolen when you’re on vacation is enough to completely ruin your trip and even put you off travelling abroad again.

They say that prevention is better than cure, and in this case, it’s certainly appropriate.

As a traveller or holidaymaker, you must take the steps necessary to protect your valuables and preserve the enjoyment of your trip. So, what’s the answer? Read on for some simple, straightforward tips that will help you keep your valuables safe when away from home. 

Don’t leave anything unattended 

Whether you’re turning away from your luggage while you read a street map, or you’ve left your camera on the seat next to you on the bus – check out if you’re looking for the latest in camera technology – if you want to avoid losing your valuables to thieves and chancers then you need to keep your wits about you and your luggage must be attended at all times.

travel safety worries

Be wary of people who may try to distract you while someone else swipes your laptop or your phone. Leaving your bag on the floor on the bus makes it easy for someone behind you to snatch it underneath the seat and leaving your bag on the bar while you go to the toilet? Huge mistake! Be smart and keep everything of value within sight at all times. 

Don’t take what you don’t need

Do you really need to take your laptop with you? Unless you’re planning to work it might be better to leave it at home. When travelling or going on holiday, it’s always best to travel as light as possible and don’t take what you don’t need. This way you have less to keep an eye on and less to worry about. 

Be wary of carrying too much cash

Again, carrying a lot of cash on you will only draw unwanted attention. So, again only take out what you need. Before you travel, find out where there are legitimate ATMs that you can use and let your bank provider know that you’ll be using your account abroad.

travel safety worries

No one wants to have all their money stolen on their first day, so take out a little at a time instead.

Don’t be an easy target

When you look like an easy target, you’ll be taken advantage of and most thefts against tourists are opportunists for pickpockets, so it makes sense to take as many precautions as possible.

Make sure you’re not displaying high-end logos, or covered in jewellery, don’t take out huge amounts of cash from your wallet, don’t flash your valuables, wear a bag that crosses your body rather than one that sits on your shoulder. 

Remember to invest in travel insurance

Travel insurance is always a good idea, as it will protect you if you do have anything of value stolen. Just make sure you take out a policy that covers you.

travel safety worries
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