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Top Tips for Travel Photography

travel photography tips

No holiday is complete without a plethora of photographs. Whether taken on a smartphone, DSLR camera or any other device, you will want to get the best results as, let’s face it, when you are enthusing about your fabulous trip you don’t want to be showing off mediocre pictures that you wouldn’t want to adorn your home with.

If you want to get the best possible shots on your next trip, that will make you say goodbye standard wall hangings and hello canvas prints, these tips should help you achieve just that.

Up Early and Out Late

You may not know that one of the main reasons for poor quality pictures is the light. The sad fact is that sightseeing tours and visits to fabulous landmarks are usually through the day when the lighting, as far as photography is concerned, is at its worst.

To make sure you capture an image with the wow factor you need to be up at the crack of dawn and stay up until well after sunset. Golden hours are the popular name for that first hour following sunrise and the hour immediately preceding sunset.

travel photography tips

This is due to the warm, soft tones they bring as well as the pleasing shadows. The hour before sunrise, and after sunset, is the blue hour, so-called due to the sky still being blue but the street lights are still turned on. Again, these hours add an extra dimension to pictures that are quite spectacular.

Learn the Lingo

It’s not just the places but also the people which make our travel adventures so special. Taking photos of the locals can create a wonderful insight into the essence of your trip but don’t be surprised if they look miserable and grumpy. These people are constantly having cameras pointed at them, and are rarely asked if it’s okay.

By learning one simple phrase “do you mind if I take your picture?” in their native language will make a massive difference and may well result in the kind of portrait usually reserved for the magazines.

Take the Time to Produce Quality

Whatever your equipment, travel photography is an art. There are way too many lazy photographers who point their smartphone at a subject then capture a burst of 15 pictures with the intention of picking the best one later one. Why do this when by investing just a bit of time you can produce one stunning image.

travel photography tips

Look at the surroundings of the main subject you want to capture. If you are trying to capture a natural entity, such as Mont Blanc, how will it look in half an hour when those clouds have moved? Would you get the best shot by coming back in the gold or blue hours?

Good travel photography cannot be rushed, when planning your itinerary make sure you factor in photo time. If you are on a tour plan your photographs so, if possible, you avoid the middle of the day completely. That said, if you have no option due to the time restrictions involved with your tour, that overly bright midday image would be a prime contender for your monochrome collection. 

travel photography tips

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