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The Unexpected Virtues of Traveling Outside Your Comfort Zone

Why is it that you love travel? Everyone will give you a slightly different answer.

travel outside comfort zone

Photo: Ashotosh Goyal via Pixabay

For some, travel is an opportunity for adventure. A chance to leave the quotidian world of work behind and immerse ourselves in another land and its culture. For many of us, travel represents a chance to get away from it all and relax among beautiful surroundings.

Many may view it as a chance to indulge themselves and undo their belts by a couple of notches as they sample the delights of new cuisines and forget the diet they’ve stuck to rigorously all year round.

There are no right or wrong answers here. Travel is many things to many people. However, when travel becomes our means of escape and relaxation we can find ourselves falling into a comfort zone.

We may find ourselves visiting the same (or similar) destinations year after year. Before long, travel has lost all of its sense of mystery, intrigue and adventure. While it’s absolutely fine to travel for comfort every now and then, there are a number of benefits to travelling outside of our comfort zone, too.

New friendships

It’s okay to throw ourselves into situations that scare us a little. In fact, travelling to more exotic and unfamiliar locales, especially when we’re traveling alone, can actually bring out our sociable side and help us to make new friends.

In our insular world of comfort and convenience, we find ourselves increasingly retreating into our phone screens. The beauty of being outside of your comfort zone is that it encourages you to actively seek connections with others.

This can lead to fun adventures with locals and other travellers which, in the interconnected digital age, can lead to friendships that last for years. 


If you’re single, straying outside of your comfort zone can even open up opportunities for romance. The beauty of travel is that you can be whoever you want to be and project an image of yourself to others that’s outside of your job, where you live or any of the usual things that we can allow to define us.

As this website explains, there are numerous places where travellers often find romance, whether they’re looking for a brief holiday romance or to meet the potential love of their lives. 

Taste sensations

Your new favorite food could be out there, but you haven’t even met it yet. Unfamiliar locales often mean the chance to try unfamiliar foods. Never mind playing it safe or keeping your eyes peeled for a set of golden arches (they really are everywhere).

travel outside comfort zone

Image by Christophe BILLARD from Pixabay

Use your travels as an excuse to try new foods and immerse yourself in the sight, taste and texture of exotic new dishes. 

Get in touch with your inner child

The great thing about travel is that it makes us feel young again. It awakens that child-like sense of wonderment and curiosity that is sadly absent in much of our adult lives.

travel outside comfort zone

Image by Brahmsee from Pixabay

Whether you’re hostelling in Amsterdam or camping with the kids, there are virtually limitless ways in which you can rekindle that spark and get in touch with your inner child.

Whatever your reasons for loving travel, be sure to step out of your comfort zone every once in a while. The opportunities that scare you very often end up becoming treasured lifelong memories. 

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