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Trader Sam’s Coffee – 3 Things I Love! Coffee, Disney and Dog Rescue

Trader Sams Coffee Company

I’m a simple person. I have very few passions after my family. Coffee, which I can’t live without and I drink from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed. Disney – everything Disney – from the history, the parks, the movies, and the memories my family has made. Dog Rescue – I love dogs! I love to make sure dogs are taken care of. I foster rescued dogs in my home. I always have 2 or 3 dogs of my own at any given time. I treat my dogs better than some people treat other people. You can’t imagine how excited I was when these three things came together for me!

I’m sure many of you Disney fans and coffee lovers saw a really cool contest going around on the web earlier this year to help name a new blend. Trader Sam’s Coffee Company, which offers Disney-inspired coffee blends, held a contest to help them select the name for their Haunted Mansion-themed coffee. The blend was known during the contest as the “Bride’s Brew,” but the flavor and final name – was chosen by a fan just in time for Valentine’s Day. The winner received three bags of the new coffee, an art print of the coffee label signed by #HauntedMansion star and #VoiceOver artist Kat Cressida and artist Gavin Otteson, and two VIP ticket (1-day park hoppers) to Disneyland! And . . . the outcome of the contest was – Happily Never After! A New Orleans Praline blend. This stuff is addicting!

Along with the Happily Never After blend, Trader Sam’s has a full line of Disney inspired blends:

With label artwork created by guest artists and a tale of adventure on the back, each bag can be considered a collectible. Each roast is carefully selected to compliment the theme or story of the bag. All their coffees are made from selectively sourced arabica beans from farms in Africa, Central and South America. Select roasts come direct from a single estate farm for a truly perfect cup, and the blends are are certified Gluten Free (flavored coffees as well) and Kosher!

I have a coffee routine each day. I start my morning with a full pot of coffee and the Main Street U.S.A. Columbian is now a favorite. I can sit with my Mickey mug full and fondly remember some of the my family’s favorite Disney memories!

During the day I switch over to a K-Cup machine with a reusable K-Cup full of my favorite flavor because I like to switch things up during the day depending on my mood! I usually add milk and one sweetener to my morning coffee but Trader Sam’s flavors are rich, without being over-bearing, so adding lots of things just isn’t necessary. I have two favorites – Happily Never After (a New Orleans Praline flavor) and Skipper’s Brew Jungle Banana Pie. Let me tell you the best way to enjoy both of these – a big squirt of whipped cream!

The whipped cream melts slowly and adds just a little bit of sweet to both flavors that are great alone – but even better this way. And . . . for an extra special evening treat, I also love using both these flavors (as well as the Matterhorn Bobsledder’s Brew that has a touch of chocolate) for an iced coffee! Add in a shot or two of Kahlua and WOW!

So, now that we have covered Disney and coffee, where do the dogs come in? I’m glad you asked! From the company’s roots starting as Smiling Dog Coffee to their Trader Sam’s flagship line, the company strives to provide the freshest and most unique coffees you can buy. The company was founded to help provide funding relief to dog rescues across the country, and the Smiling Dog Coffee line has helped raise thousands of dollars to support missions to rescue, heal and re-home thousands of dogs.

The company also has co-branded lines of coffees to help our veterans and other charitable organizations.


I can’t thank my friend Kat enough for introducing me to this great line of coffee!

Disclaimer: Trader Sam’s Coffee line is in no way authorized by, endorsed, or affiliated with The Walt Disney Company, Inc. All references to such trademarked properties are used in accordance with the Fair Use Doctrine and are not meant to imply that this product is a Disney product for advertising or other commercial purposes. All coffees, products and artwork are just inspired by the parks and resorts. Any art featuring the likenesses of Disney characters, attractions, property, or logos are property of the Walt Disney Company, and its associated business units.

I was provided with coffee by Trader Sam’s Coffee Company. All opinions are my own.

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