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Spending a Day or More at Walt Disney World’s Toy Story Land

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Disclaimer: I was provided park passes and other incidentals for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.

toy story land

For the first time in forever (picture me singing in my best Anna and Elsa voices!) I spent a full day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Then, I went back the next day for several more hours! And – I would do it again!

Let’s face it, we all know Hollywood Studios has been lacking to say the least. A half day at most was maximum for any visit. This was especially true for frequent visitors to Walt Disney World. Then at the end of June the gates opened and everyone was invited into Andy’s backyard!

Toy Story Land

I’ll admit I wasn’t prepared for how Hollywood Studio’s new Toy Story Land would get to me. The details, the colors, the music and the rides all play a huge part in taking you back to your childhood. I personally think Disney has out-done themselves this time. Before my first visit I had read all sorts of reviews of the area. Most positive with a few negative comments and observations. I very quickly realized that those few negative observations were so very wrong! I couldn’t find a negative thing to say about it. 

Woody’s Lunch Box

A new food location offering very different choices than your usual theme park food. I had the opportunity to speak to the chefs that created the menu for this new quick service spot to get some idea how they came up with the food options. Comfort food and lunch box food were their main goals.

Although not a long menu, the choices are great. Because I visited twice, I was able to sample a couple of items and everything was very good. My favorite, of course, the Lunch Box Tart (Disney’s version of a Pop Tart! $3.29). The tart comes in raspberry or chocolate hazelnut, is larger than your traditional Pop Tart and could very well be enough of a breakfast for some.

My friend enjoyed the S’more French Toast Sandwich which is made of marshmallow and chocolate ganache on grilled custard soaked Brioche and encrusted with graham cracker crumbs for $7.99. Although I didn’t try it, the aroma was very enticing and I know I’ll be giving it a try on my next visit.

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On my first visit I went for the Breakfast Bowl ($8.49 – A hearty portion of potato barrels smothered in smoked brisket country gravy, scrambled eggs and a sprinkling of green onions). I did ask for the country gravy to be left off and in typical Disney food fashion, they were more than happy to accommodate my request. I enjoyed this breakfast and would definitely recommend it. However, it is very large and one order is enough for two people. Unfortunately, I didn’t know that going in so wasted just about half of it.

The Smoked Turkey Breakfast Sandwich was my choice on my second visit. The sandwich is sliced smoked turkey breast, melted swiss cheese, and scrambled eggs on grilled sourdough bread for $7.99. 

The lunch and dinner menus are the same offering vegetable macaroni and cheese, potato barrels, grilled cheese, smoked turkey sandwich, BBQ Brisket sandwich and more.

The entire area is roomy, colorful and inviting. I did initially wonder if they had enough seating for standard meal times when many people choose to eat and although the area was crowded, I had no issue or trouble finding a table either day.

Slinky Dog Dash

The attraction everyone had been waiting for – and it doesn’t disappoint! The first thing I realized was that the physical length of the attraction is huge. The layout takes up lots of space. I wasn’t prepared for the size. As the ride was being promoted before opening I kept imagining it more like Goofy’s Barnstormer – I was so wrong! The time you are on the ride is much longer than the Mine Train for example. It’s really worth waiting in line for. It’s a mix of fast, slow, up, down and hairpin turns. The creativity of the Imagineers who created Slinky Dog Dash was definitely working overtime!

Andy’s blueprints for Slinky Dog Dash decorate the wall inside the queue.

Alien Swirling Saucers

Oooooh! You have been chosen! Again, my imagination of what the attraction would be was much different than what it actually is. I imagined Magic Kingdom’s Tea Cups with an alien theme. Again, I was wrong.

Like the Tea Cups, the Alien Swirling Saucers is just long enough of a ride to make stop you from getting dizzy. You can’t control your spinning so there is way for a family member to think it’s funny to make you turn green!

Toy Story Mania

Although this is a ride we have all enjoyed for a long time, the new queue makes you feel as if you are experiencing it for the very first time. Mr. Potato Head is a fun addition and there are so many new items throughout that your time in line goes by in a snap while you are looking at some of the themed walls and decorations and remembering all those items from your childhood.

Toy Story Land in General

On your first visit, you could spend hours just looking. Every little corner of the land has some sort of great little item that almost blends right in, just as if it was a toy left out in the yard!

Creativity abounds everywhere you look – like “RESTROOM” out of Scrabble Tiles – 

The Green Army Men patrol the area almost constantly either drumming their way through the crowd or playing with other toys they found around the backyard!

If Toy Story Land is any indication of the creative minds of the Imagineers working overtime – can you just imagine what Star Wars Land will be!!!!

I can’t wait to go back!

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