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Making and Saving Extra Money with TopCashback

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I found a new way to save some extra money while on-line shopping and love it! Since I do most of my shopping on-line these days, I like to use cash back sites as an easy way to save money towards my Disney vacations. The problem with some of the sites is that you have to wait for their schedule of pay-out to collect the money you’ve accumulated or have a minimum amount in your pay-out account before collecting. Not with TopCashBack!! This is definitely my new favorite site since you can easily withdraw your accumulated money directly to your bank account, to your Paypal account, or onto an Amazon gift card. No waiting for a particular date every 3 months or a particular cash amount before they will pay-out. Cash out whenever you choose. (NOTE: It may take several days or up to several weeks for the retailer to confirm payment. Once the retailer confirms payment, you may withdraw your funds at any time.)There are over 4,000 retailers on the TopCashBack site so it’s super easy to find one of your favorite shopping spots.

And as an added bonus – I do lots of shopping and received 5% -yes, 5% cash back on my most resent purchase. Since we are more than half way to Christmas, 2017 – no better time to join. It only takes a minute and you can start shopping and saving right away. FYI: The other cash back program I belong to, you know that one that starts with “E”, is only offering 3% cash back when shopping at If you do lots of shopping on-line, that extra percentage adds up in cash back!

It’s a super easy process: Head over to and create your account and you will be on your way to saving extra money within minutes! The sign-up process is simple and takes a mere few minutes – and they also have a mobile app!

After creating your account, in the search area – type in Disney Store (or the store of your choice):

Click the red “Cashback” button

Click the Get Cashback Now button and you will be taken to (or any other store you have chosen)

Shop as you normally would. As you can see, I love deals! My purchase was $99. I had a code for 25% off and a second code for free shipping, which brought my order down to $80.56 – Woot! With tax – $18.44 saved!

After shopping, go back to your TopCashBack account and you will see this:

Within 24 hours I received an e-mail letting me know my rebate was in my account. NOTE: it could take longer based on the retailer you shopped with, but 24 hours was my experience with shopping at the

And there it is! Woot! Another $3.71 saved! Adding coupons or discount codes you may have to your TopCashBack shopping trip is a great way to save lots of extra money towards your next Disney adventure! Total saved $22.15!

Cashback is a way for you to save money every time you shop online. A percentage of the purchase is returned to you as a cash back rebate when you complete your purchase with any one of our 3500+ merchants. It’s just like using a coupon, except all money is earned after the purchase has been successfully tracked.

Cashback websites are designed to receive commissions from the retailers they work with in exchange for directing consumers to their websites. Most cashback sites will give a fraction of this commission back to you, but TopCashback is the ONLY site that returns 100% of the commission. That’s why we claim to be the highest paying cashback site in the US.

To ensure you get the greatest deals every time you go to buy something online, simply sign in to your TopCashback account first and then click through to the store you want to shop at. By doing this, you will earn cashback on every purchase you make – whether you are booking a vacation, hunting for new clothes, shopping for vitamins, or signing up for a new utility or mobile service.

Keep an eye out for exclusive coupon codes on TopCashback, which you can use alongside our cashback offers, giving you double the savings when you buy. Please note, only official coupons listed on TopCashback may be used, otherwise the cashback may not track through the merchant.

When it comes to getting the cashback you’ve earned out of your account, TopCashback offers a number of easy payout methods, including Gift Cards, PayPal, ACH, and American Express® Reward Cards, some of which even give you a bonus up to 3%. So, if you have earned $100 in cashback, you could receive up to $103 when you cash out. Cash out at anytime you choose.

An additional way to boost your cashback earnings is by getting your friends, family & colleagues to sign up with TopCashback using your Tell-a-Friend links. Easily send out invitations and track their signup progress, all from within the dashboard on your account. Our Tell-a-Friend bonus offers have been as high as a record $29.00 per referral!

How To Earn Cashback 101:

Join for free

Earning cashback is simple and can be done in three easy steps.

Browse for a particular retailer from more than 3,500 we have on site, click on specific categories of retailers using the navigation bar or visit our Offers Page for the day’s best cashback deals.

Once you have found the retailer you want, just click on the ‘Get Cashback’ button next to the offer and you will be taken to their website.

Then, simply make your purchase as normal and we will calculate the amount of cashback you are due, which should appear on your account earnings page within seven days. If you are still unsure, or have a further question you need answering, visit our Getting Started page.

What are you waiting for? Join for free and start saving today!

I have been compensated to perform a review of, however, all opinions are my own.