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15 of the Best Vacation Destinations for 2018

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So you are planning your next vacation? Why not let 2018 be the year for the big one. You know, save your money and book a trip of a lifetime. Whether it’s a quaint town here in the USA or a trip across the ocean to visit an exotic location. Remember to go big or stay home.

top vacation destinations 2018


Here are 15 of the best destinations to check out this year.

Barcelona, Spain

If you are on a budget but would really like to head to Europe, then this city  is for you. Here you will find so many fantastic museums and you can lay on the beach all in the same day. Barcelona is so incredibly affordable this year so now is the time to visit this beautiful city.  

Montreal, Canada

Since the exchange rate is pretty fair right now, Montreal is not a long flight from anywhere in the USA and fares are also affordable. There is a lovely French influence here and so much culture to explore. Montreal is a trip that can include something for everyone in the family.

Arizona, USA

Camping, hiking, and spas galore in any major city you pick to visit in Arizona. You can visit the South Rim of the Grand Canyon or do a weekend trip to Tucson and visit Saguaro National Park for beautiful views and photo opportunities. Scottsdale is the perfect location for spas and golfing and lots of pool time.  

Charleston, SC

With Charleston such a fast developing city, it’s so rich in history and gorgeous architecture that you don’t want to leave. There are many top notch restaurants and hotels, so give Charleston a chance this year because this city is worth it. There really is something for everyone in Charleston! It is also in a great spot to explore other areas of South Carolina along the coast.

Mexico City, Mexico

2018 is going to be a super year for this spectacular city. Although some of the main regions surrounding the city were affected by the massive earthquake, you can hardly tell! Visit the famous Museum Frida Kahlo and explore her brilliant art collection right in the home where she lived. But the best way to see Mexico City is to just put on your walking shoes and go.  

Big Sur, California

This area is perfect for a long getaway. There is so much to do such as visiting the many state parks and national forests. You can find boutique hotels and many restaurants to enjoy too. With over 90 miles that extend on California’s Pacific coast there is extensive hiking trails, camping, and for the less adventurous, simply snap tons of photos of this  superb area.  

Photo Credit: TripAdvisor

Amsterdam, Holland

This is the year to explore one of Holland’s oldest cities. There is the new train route, called Eurostar, that runs straight from London and you can even make a stop in Brussels. Amsterdam has recently become known for their impressive hotels and fabulous restaurants. Enjoy this grand city this year.

Fiji Island

This island is not the best kept secret that it once was years ago, but it is one of the most breathtaking islands that exist. Between the pristine beaches and the luxurious resorts you can’t go wrong with vacation here. Relax and discover the reefs and sensational coast.

Houston, Texas

This bustling city right in the USA and a easy plane from just about anywhere is up and coming and is being to larger cities like Chicago and Miami. For foodies, Houston has an extensive food scene happening with award winning chefs taking the helm. There is a huge art influence as well and the price is right for great hotel deals now as the city has recovered from Hurricane Harvey.  

San Antonio, TX

Start your planning now for San Antonio’s May celebration of its 300th anniversary. There have been so many upgrades to the city and it’s first food lovers hall called the Bottling Department has recently opened. Now is definitely the time to make reservations in one of the cities finer boutique hotels. Splurge a little and if you are into the arts, there is also public art location named Ruby City that will have over 800 pieces.

You can spend days and days exploring all of Texas because it’s so large. I have visited several areas and Texas has become one of my favorite U.S. states to explore – other Texas areas to explore can be found in these posts:

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So many Americans are visiting the Emerald Isle mainly because of the good exchange rates and more flights with lower fares. There is a grand estate that can’t be missed, Adare Manor. It recently reopened and sits on 840 acres of fantastic Irish countryside. If its a spa retreat you are after, check out the first La Mer Spa in the isles. If whiskey if your thing, Dublin offers distillery tours and tastings. This is this year you head to Ireland.  

The Bahamas

This is not your Bahamas from years past. The development of top-notch resorts has increased dramatically. The biggest is the Nassau’s Cable Beach where incredible beaches, restaurants, and scenery is abound. If you visit Paradise Island nearby, you will find a stunning resort called Ocean Club where a Four Seasons has opened. You can always stay at Atlantis where tons of new things are happening, like the addition of redesigned pool area. Go ahead and splurge on this one too.

New Orleans, LA

Yet another city that has a birthday this year, the 300th anniversary of this amazing place is this year. So make 2018 the year you finally visit New Orleans. So many restaurants, so little time. Mardi Gras will be over the top this year, so if you can handle this yearly festival than book your ticket now.  

Photo Credit: National Geographic

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

You’ve talked about it for years, so why not make it happen. Get your scuba certification and snorkel away in this 1,300 mile reef. Book a magnificent resort by the Coral Sea and discover one of the seven wonders of the world. What is amazing is that the reef is the only thing that can be seen from space.  Pack your bags!


The fascination with this destination is that for such a long time there were travel restrictions, but Obama changed that. Cuba is also not a long plane ride from the coast of the USA. This makes anywhere in Cuba a perfect place to vacation. The food, the cars, and the awe-inspiring countryside makes Cuba a sensational destination without breaking the bank. There are still some restrictions in place when it comes to visiting Cuba so be sure to work with a travel agent you trust when planning a Cuba trip. I have heard that it may be best when visiting Cuba, to do it as part of a cruise itinerary.