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Foodie Friday: The Tootsie Roll Cocktail

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Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE a Tootsie Roll™. I can’t pass up a Tootsie Roll. I should probably have stock in Tootsie Rolls. I have been known to get hurt trying to save a falling tootsie roll. While clicking around through Pinterest recently I found 3 different recipes for a Tootsie Roll cocktail – 3 – can you imagine! Obviously others love Tootsie Rolls as much as I do!

Here are the 3 recipes – totally different yet each one tastes like a Tootsie Roll (sort of). Each one is sweet, a dessert sort of cocktail, that is fun to have one or two with friends but as much as I love my Tootsie Rolls, I don’t think I could drink too many. 

recipe one 2

drink oneTootsie Roll Cocktail #1Simple!

1 part Kahlua™ – 2 parts root beer – Stir

recipe two

drink two

Tootsie Roll Cocktail #2

2 ounces Kahlua™
3 ounces Orange Juice

Pour in an ice filled highball glass. Shake to blend.  

recipe three

drink three

Tootsie Roll Cocktail #3

Equal parts Kahlua™, orange juice, vodka 

Build in a highball glass full of ice. Shake to blend. The addition of vodka seems to cut the sweetness.

If I have to rate these cocktails in the order of their “tootsie rollness” flavor (I’ve obviously been sampling too long and making up words) I would say that #3 is closest to a Tootsie Roll, followed by #2 and then #1. #1 tasted more like a funny flavored root beer to me even after adding a little extra Kahlua™ to see if it would change the flavor.

Give them a try and let me know what you think!

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