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Having a Blast: 11 Awesome Activities in Grand Cayman

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As you will quickly discover, Grand Cayman has a lot going for it as a destination. It offers visitors stunning scenery, opportunities for adventure, and so many leisure activities you won’t know what to choose during your time there.

Photo via James3214 on Pixabay

You might decide to search condos for rent to use as your base when visiting this incredible Caribbean island, but whatever option you choose, it is likely that you will have so much fun you could even imagine yourself living here, as it’s that sort of amazing place.

Here are some of the activities and adventures that you might want to put on your must-do list.

Get a birds-eye view of the island

Grand Cayman offers pretty incredible scenery from the ground, but it takes on a whole new level of incredible when you see it from the air.

A good way of getting to know the island and seeing where all the awesome landmarks are located is to book a helicopter tour.

Photo via Carnival Cruise

Cayman Island helicopters will take you around the entire island. Some of the highlights are Stingray City and the Kittiwake Wreck, plus the memorable Cayman Trench, which is a renowned diving hotspot.

A new attraction on the island

It might have been there for thousands of years but the Crystal Caves have not long been open to the public. You should take the opportunity to see this spectacular underground cave system now that you can.

Photo via

Head for the north side of the island and look out for the Crystal Caves signs.

You won’t regret the decision to visit and you will soon know your stalactites from your stalagmites, plus the underground lakes will take your breath away.

Photo via Wikimedia

There’s a reason Grand Cayman is known as the culinary capital of the Caribbean

All you need to know is that there a couple of hundred restaurants operated by acclaimed chef’s and plenty of local treats too! You will never be short of somewhere exciting to eat on the island.

One idea for giving your taste buds a guided tour would be to look out for the flavor tour that takes you for a dish and a drink at a few of the top restaurants all in one night.

A natural pleasure to enjoy

You can’t fail to love the crystal clear waters that surround the island and there is also an added attraction if you head to Starfish beach on the north side of the island.

The clue is in the name. You can swim among the starfish that populate these shallow waters and you can even handle them if you are gentle and don’t take them out of the water.

Starfish Beach is well worth a visit.

The best in the Caribbean

It might be a bold claim, but justified, as the waters off Grand Cayman are renowned for offering the best snorkeling and scuba diving in the region.

The famous Cayman Trenches are a magnet for divers with deep and clear water, plus an abundance of marine life to feast your eyes on.

The best beach

Sometimes you just want to soak up the sun and spend a day on the beach and Grand Cayman offers you plenty of opportunities to do just that.

If you fancy a beach day the best venue is, arguably, the Seven Mile Beach.

A walk along this famous stretch of beach will prove relaxing and inspiring in equal measure.

Sail at sunset

You never want the day to end when you are in a tropical paradise but you might as well make the most of the inevitable ending that comes with the sun going down.

Sunsets are spectacular and a great way of enjoying the views would be to take a sunset sail, which involves a catamaran cruise with food and drink included in the price of your trip.

Check out the West Bay with a guide

Culture and natural beauty are a compelling combination and you can enjoy both if you take a tour of the West Bay area of the island.

Photo via Wikimedia

You will take in George Town on your trip, which is the capital of the island. One of your scheduled stops is a visit to the Tortuga Rum Cake factory which offers you the chance to sample the local rum and a world-famous cake recipe at the same time.

Included in this tour is a visit to Hell. But the good news is that Hell is a prehistoric rock formation which will leave a big impression on you in all the right ways.

Sunken shipwrecks and stingrays

Another great idea for your itinerary is to consider booking the Atlantis submarine day dive.

This sightseeing craft is designed to give you a great view of some spectacular shipwrecks and the coral reefs are a sight to behold, along with the chance to watch a majestic stingray saunter past your vessel.

Another way to see what’s under the water

If you don’t fancy diving deep under the water in a submarine you could take a glass-bottom boat tour instead.

This is a great way to discover the abundant sea life from the comfort of a boat that has been made to reveal the Cayman’s sea residents in all their natural glory.

A rare opportunity that shouldn’t be missed

There are very few places in the world where you can enjoy a bioluminescence tour and Grand Cayman is one of them.

Book a boat to the bioluminescent bay and you will soon appreciate why this night time activity is considered by many as a once in a lifetime chance to see such a rare and natural sight in the waters of this amazing island.

There are so many things to see and do when you pay a visit to Grand Cayman and it will be a surprise if you don’t feel like you have been somewhere truly special on the planet once your trip has come to an end.