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The Best Things That You Can Do On Your Trip To New York City

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New York . . . When someone says they want to go to New York they specifically mean the city that never sleeps. Although New York is a state, New York City is possibly one of the most well-known cities in America.

With many attractions and iconic sites, it’s easy to see why. New York City is made up of five boroughs, which all sit where the Hudson River meets the Atlantic Ocean. Manhattan being the central hub.

There are so many reasons to travel to this city, and while you are there, so many things that you can do. Here are a selection of some of the popular things that you should add to your bucket list, if you are thinking of taking a trip to NYC anytime soon.

The Manhattan sky helicopter tour

One of the best ways to marvel at this big city is by air and there may be no better way than in a helicopter. It could be deemed as a pricey excursion to take. But it will allow you to see all of the wonders of the skyline and the glory of NYC from a different perspective.

Why not take a cruise?

Another fantastic way to take in the big apple is by boat. There are many boat tours available that can offer you fantastic views and picture opportunities. Even taking in one of the most iconic landmarks, The Statue Of Liberty.

An iconic site, The Empire State Building

No NYC visit would be complete without a trip to the Empire State Building. It also happens to be one of the most known attractions and has featured in many films set in NYC. The observatory deck gives amazing views and it is certainly one of those things that is likely to already be on your bucket list.

Watch a Broadway show and do it in style

One of the most exciting things to do in the city is to take in one of the many Broadway shows NYC has to offer. There is just something about it, and it is certainly one of those things that could have you making memories to last a lifetime. From shows that have ran for a while, or new play scripts hitting the theater, you are bound to find something you like.

Top of the Rock

Another place worth a visit is the observatory deck at the Top of the Rock. A recommendation would be to go around sunset where you can see the city twinkle beneath you.

Walk around central park

Central Park is another iconic site to experience, and you could even take a tour. However, many people like to just explore this wonderful park themselves, taking it slowly and enjoying the scenery. It looks particularly spectacular in the snow and winter months.

The 9/11 memorial and museum

No one can take away the sadness of that day. But showing respect and visiting the memorial site will be an experience not to forget.

Have your picture taken at Times Square

Finally, no visit to New York City would be complete without visiting Times Square. The famous intersection has bright lights, advertisements and shops galore. Well worth a visit just to say you have been there and to grab a selfie while you are at it.

I hope this guide helps you on your trip to NYC in the future.