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Let’s Talk Blood! by Kat Cressida (Haunted Mansion VoiceOver Artist) and a Giveaway!

Talk Blood Kat Cressida Red Cross
Today I have the pleasure of welcoming a little piece written by Kat Cressida, a talented and successful voiceover artist, and loved by anyone that rides through the Haunted Mansion regularly! Kat is working hard to get everyone who will listen to donate blood at the Red Cross to help so many that are need.
As the Voice of “BLOODY MARY” – let’s TALK BLOOD. That’s right.  You read that right. See – here’s the THING, friends:
THIS, here, is a HALLOWEEN GIVE-AWAY… with somethin’ BLOODY SPECIAL for YOU… IF you take a certain BLOOD OATH with me . . . “BLOODY MARY” . . . (and that OTHER SEXY HOMICIDAL CHICK with an AXE TO GRIND – “CONSTANCE HATCHAWAY”).
TellTale Games brill video game #TheWolfAmongUs was released 4 YEARS AGO (based on Vertigo Comics “FABLES” comic series), and “BLOODY MARY” is one of the TASTIEST roles I’ve had the honor of bringing to LIFE at the MIC (huge kudos JULIAN KWASNESKI – one of the finest #VoiceOver directors I’ve had the pleasure to Voice for).

Bloody Mary in “The Wolf Among Us” from Kat Cressida on Vimeo.

SO – as I said earlier: Here’s the THING:
There’s INSANITY goin’ down now – this very minute 1000’s are suffering from either Hurricanes, Wild Fires, Earthquakes, and (still so sad and surreal) Shootings . . . So, yeah – in honor of the ANNIVERSARY of FABLES and #HalloweenSeason- I’m shamelessly REELING YOU IN with a PHENOM video of “highlights” of “BLOODY MARY” vs. “BIGBY WOLF”.
THEN– I’m gonna ask you to JOIN the BLOODBATH . . . by JOINING ME . . . DONATING a pint… to #RedCross.  (See what I did, there?)
I donate FRIDAY (10/13). Every PINT saves a LIFE.  Can YOU think of a BETTER WAY to INDULGE your fondness for all things BLOODY ‘n DARK ‘n GOTH . . . than gifting a little of your blood… to SAVE A LIFE? Didn’t think so!
But WAIT – it GETS BETTA!! While you’re BEIN A SUPERHERO giving so little to save a life – SEAL the DEAL (in BLOOD!!) – If you POST a PHOTO of you DONATING BLOOD at the Red Cross (just click on their SITE to sign up in your area- SUPER EASY!) TAG ME (on FB I’ve got a ‘dot’ between my names!! – Twitter I’m just me) AND I’ll RECORD A PERSONAL “THANK YOU” just to YOU and POST IT ON FB, TWITTER, + IG.
We’ll be “blood buddies” (or- whatever) . . . “For as long… as we BOTH shall live . . . ” (Oh wait – wrong ‘homicidal sexy chick with an axe’!)
Seriously: #LetsDOTHIS #GiveNow #RedCross
Kat on Twitter: @KatCressida
Kat on Facebook: @Kat.Cressida
Kat on Instagram: @katcressida
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