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A Surprise Money Saver for My Next WDW Vacation!

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Money Saver WDW

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I am in the midst of planning a family vacation to Walt Disney World®. Since there are quite a few of us, we would require a few rooms if staying at an on-site resort. No matter how I looked at it, I was able to save quite a bit of money by staying at a local rental home. There is a home located just 2 miles from Disney property that I have stayed at before and immediately booked that home (Characters Corner Vacation Home) and I’ll be writing quite a bit about it when I return. The home is spacious, well kept, clean and just a few short minutes drive to the parks and since we will be driving in from South Carolina a car is no issue.


In planning this trip I wanted to do something special with my family and immediately thought of the Ferrytale Wishes, a Fireworks Dessert Cruise. When I looked at booking this option, there was no way to save money – or so I thought. There are 6 family members I would be paying for. Total cost for this special event would be $564.00. Yes, we would get some nice desserts. But, $564.00 ($99 each adult and $69 for a child)! OUCH! I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend that amount of money so started to look for other options that would be a nice treat for my family without such a hefty price tag.

After searching around reviews and speaking to friends I decided to call for information on a Fireworks Specialty Cruise out of one of the deluxe resorts and guess what? $318.44! That’s right! For our own private pontoon boat with snacks and soft drinks.

Money Saver WDW

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The specialty cruise takes place on one of Disney’s deluxe pontoon boats, and board at Magic Kingdom Resort Marinas to sail around Bay Lake and Seven Seas Lagoon (or for Illuminations out of Epcot, depart from Bayside Marina at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort. We will be leaving from Disney’s Contemporary Resort after spending the day at the Magic Kingdom. 21-foot pontoons hold up to 8 guests and 25-foot pontoons hold up to 10 guests. A Captain accompanies each Specialty Cruise, and assorted snacks and soft drinks are served. You can arrange something special from Disney Private Dining by calling the Disney Resort you launch from.

So, the way I looked at it I could spend $564 for the ferry (which I’m sure is a wonderful experience), but we would be having the experience with several hundred other people. I’m not sure what the maximum number allowed on the ferry is but I’m sure it’s in the hundreds. Yes, some fancy desserts too, but considering we will have just finished dinner, I’m not sure how important those desserts are. OR, I could spend $318.44 for just my family, just us, on a private boat with snacks and soft drinks and WITH THE MUSIC/AUDIO PIPED IN ~ for $245.56 less.

This was a no-brainer for me. I think it will be a wonderful experience for my family and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. 

I can’t wait to see my granddaughter’s face!