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Planning Stress Free International Family Fun!

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Going on a family vacation is supposed to be fun, relaxing, create special memories and be FUN! Sometimes, the planning gets in the way and by the time we leave for our family vacation full of fun, we are so stressed and cranky from the planning we begin to wonder why we thought going was a good idea!

Stress Free International Family Travel

From road trips to round-the-world airplane rides, from train travel to hiking, travel has become something that many of us pursue with passionate abandon. That includes single people, couples, and families, and all of us are trekking everywhere, including amazing international journeys.

 While some people might be reluctant to plan an international trip with children, they shouldn’t be. With some good preparation and other expert insights, international travel can be one of the biggest ways to make a lasting impact on your kids and expose them to the wider, wonderful world.

 Of course it starts with the basics—making sure your children have the same documents that you have and that are required to go abroad, including passports and necessary visas. And getting a passport means you have to do a bit of advance planning, as the application and receipt process takes several weeks, at a minimum.

 What else should you consider? This graphic can help – thanks to Global Entry from Discover.

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Stress Free International Family Travel