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3 Reasons Why Cruises Make for Amazing, Stress-Free Vacations

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When trying to plan a vacation, you often end up with the Goldilocks effect — every option you consider has some aspect that’s not quite right.

stress free cruises

Case in point: The resort you suggested isn’t kid-friendly for your cousin and her family of five, the hiking tour is too go-go-go for Grandma but too slow paced for your teenager, and the big city trip just doesn’t have the relaxation factor you desperately need.

Instead of compromising and leaving all parties feeling dissatisfied, how about planning a vacation that has something for everyone (and no, we’re not talking about separate vacations)? A cruise is the one vacation that offers enough options to satisfy everyone from Grandma to your picky teen.

Here are three reasons why a cruise could be your “just right” vacation this year.

1. Enjoy the Stress-Free Planning

It’s a herculean feat just to decide where to go out to eat with your partner on normal date night, but planning an entire vacation, especially when dealing with the needs and wants of a group? Nearly impossible. With a cruise, however, all you need to agree on is the number of days and destination and your planning is done.

Once on board, everyone is the master of his or her own domain. Grandma can plan cards and read by the pool all day, while you take a wine tasting class and your teenager rock climbs. Then, you can all come together in the evening to talk about your adventures over a wonderful meal at a restaurant you didn’t have to choose. Talk about not having to think about logistics.

2. Don’t Fret About the Budget

Whether it’s a solo vacation, a vacation with friends or a big family trip, budgeting for time away is stressful. Cruises can help alleviate this stress in a few ways, though. First, cruises are all-inclusive. So, once you’ve paid for your cruise, you don’t have to spend another dime should you choose to do so.

Second, cruises offer package options for many different budgets, so the family who pinches pennies can enjoy the same vacation as the couple who wants to splurge, and no one has to feel like they’re stretching beyond their means.

Finally, if you’ve ever tried to share housing, food and activity costs on a group vacation, you know how time-consuming and contentious it can get. Someone always ends up paying more than their fair share. With cruises, however, everyone can deal with their own finances, leaving the group to just enjoy each other’s company.

3. Know You Can Travel Anywhere

In the minds of some people, going on a cruise is code for a party boat making stops at a few touristy beach towns. But that’s not really the case.

In fact, many cruise liners offer plenty of fun and family-friendly options, including all-inclusive Alaska cruise vacations, where guests can wake up to a breathtaking pod of orcas swimming nearby and then spend the day on an excursion viewing an ice blue glacier by kayak.

Or, spend a week sailing the Mediterranean Sea, with excursions like a guided walking tour of Provence or a wine tour through the Tuscan countryside. Whatever area of the world you want to explore (even if it’s those touristy beach towns), you can find a cruise that will take you there.

Stress Free Cruises – Take the Stress Out of Planning a Vacation

Life is stressful enough, so don’t add vacation planning to your worry list. After all, vacations are a time to relax and reconnect with yourself, your family and friends. Cruises will help you do just that by taking the stress out of planning and budgeting, allowing you to enjoy yourself in whatever amazing part of the world you choose.

stress free cruises