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Things to Know Before Traveling to South Africa

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South Africa, also known as Rainbow Nation, remains a must-visit country for many people. It has a lot to offer in terms of safaris and nature visits, especially.

Cape Town South Africa -Image by Heinrich Botha from Pixabay

The country boasts of having eleven official languages, English included. Therefore, concerning cultural experiences, there is much to witness.

Before packing your bags for your trips, here are some things you must have at your fingertips.

Volunteer/donate wisely

As they often say, helping is food for the soul, and that’s why many tourists like helping out during their trips. When giving in South Africa, you must be careful as not all platforms are genuine.

If you wish to donate or volunteer, you must be careful not to fall victim of fraudsters. It’s advisable to work in close collaboration with a reputable organization. Your tour agent should help you find that good organization to go along with the process.

Currently, there is a rising trend where travelers are approached to help at an orphanage. Sadly, innocent travelers end up falling trap of fake kids who are made to look poor only to rip off the cash you may be willing to give.

How to travel around

First thing first, you must know that South Africa is a vast country. So, a one-week trip can never exhaust everything that the country has to offer. It’s for this reason that you’re always advised to keep your travel costs under the budget.

Photo via Exclusive Getaways

It’s advisable to go with a group tour as they offer comfy coaches to take you around. However, travel experts say that one can also rent a car and drive solo. If you’re bold enough, this option is the best as you get to travel around at your convenience while enjoying nature in detail.

Air travel is also a perfect option for inter-city travels. As stated earlier, South Africa is big and moving from one city to another can be complicated and tiring when covered via a car.

Booking a flight is usually the best option in such situations, especially if you happen to have little time for the tour. Thanks to the power of the internet, you can book a flight to Cape Town within minutes. The fact that most of the South Africa airlines offer cheap flights sweetens the deal. You must, therefore, make use of these cheap flights to make your trip smooth and comfortable.

Travel documents required

Many people ask about the personal documents needed to tour this beautiful country. Per South Africa’s regulations, most tourists can visit without a VISA. If you visit from the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and Europe, you don’t need a VISA.

However, the offer stands as long as your stay doesn’t exceed three months. Therefore, you must confirm if you require a VISA for your visit or not. Also, verify if your passport is up to date to avoid last-minute dramas.

South Africa is developed

The fact that South Africa is known for the best game parks and animals to view, many tourists conclude that it’s under-developed. The truth is that the country is greatly developed with many resources and amenities that are similar to those in Western nations.

Image by Sevda from Pixabay

For example, expect to see improved roads, classy hotels, large malls, and museums among many the amenities. Don’t go expecting to share paths with lions or elephants. You must visit an animal park to catch a glimpse of those wild animals.

Beware of pickpockets

South Africa is listed among the most visited countries globally. A favorable weather pattern makes visits convenient all year round. Like any other country leading in the traveler’s list, the country is also known for pickpockets. Therefore, once you land at the airport, you must be careful to avoid falling victim of the ruthless pickpockets.

The pickpockets can get away with your belongings, personal documents and even money ruining your trip. It’s therefore advisable to blend in with the locals and not create much attention.

You can do so by removing your expensive pieces of jewelry or clothing that might reveal you’re a tourist. You can also hire the services of a tour guide who is always there to guarantee a safe stay.

A local tour guide can help you avoid the unsafe streets within the cities or a situation that can put you at risk of robbery.

Like many other trips, traveling to South Africa should be a fun-filled activity. However, most people never get to experience all that the Rainbow Nation has in store because of unpreparedness.

Explained in this article are tips that you should have at the back of your head. The tips can help prepare your trip, as well as, make your stay safe and satisfactory.