Is A Solo Walt Disney World Trip For You? by Tania Lamb

This was my first solo trip to Walt Disney World, and I was nervous. You’re not taking your kids? Aren’t you going back in a month? Are you crazy? The kids will hate you.These are the thoughts I had when trying to make the decision. Then I also thought..time to myself, no strollers, no diaper bag…signature dining! So, I booked and hoped for the best.

Now, truth be told, I was meeting some friends, but still an adventure nonetheless! Here were the best and worst for me.


  • Food! We usually do a couple of table service meals when I’m with my family, but it’s a lot of me cutting up food, wiping faces, and shoving food in my mouth between character visits. So, this time I could actually enjoy the meal, have a conversation, and have time for dessert! I was able to try the newly renovated California Grill, and dinner did not disappoint!

photo (17)

  • Silence! The sweet sound of silence. If I wanted to people watch or stand in line and not speak, then I could. I loved being able to go through the ride queues and take note of the amazing details the Imagineers added..the tombstones at The Haunted Mansion, the memorabilia at Tower of Terror… I loved the nod to Snow White in The Princess Fairytale Hall since it replaced Snow White’s Scary Adventures. photo (16)
  • Rides! Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in the morning and night! No child swap needed. Test Track Single Rider Line. Enough said.

photo (14)

  • My Disney Side! Walt Disney World brings out the kid in me…even without my kids! I kept wanting to stop for character photos and think of random poses. I was able to dance in the streets and luckily met some awesome Cast Members in the Main Street Confectionery who like to dance, too! You can always find someone to take a walk on the Disney Side with you.

photo (11)photo (15)

  • Agency! Perhaps a little selfish, but I was able to choose what I wanted to do when I wanted. Although I had traveling companions once I got to Walt Disney World, I could have easily gone to do something else and met up with them through the magic of cell phones and texting.
  • Budget! Walt Disney World is a whole lot cheaper as a party of one, than a party of seven…just ask The Dwarves.


  • Guilt. I’m not going to lie. I missed my children..A LOT. I felt guilty when I experienced new things that they hadn’t yet like Princess Fairytale Hall. Memories of them on favorite rides or with characters would make me sad for a second. However, some wonderful characters helped me out with special video messages and surprises for my girls. And I was able to spend hours shopping for fun souvenirs for them, so it softened the blow-for me and for them.
  • No one to share food with! I like to eat, but I don’t eat a lot in one sitting. There were a lot of snacks I wanted to try, but I just couldn’t eat as many as I wanted. Being by myself, I couldn’t take a bite or two of a snack and then pass it off to the next person. When I have 6 other people to share with, then I get to sample a lot of options and not worry about cooties.

photo (13)
One of my new favorite snacks-Macarons at Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie

  • I’m a nervous flyer. Ever since having children, I’ve become more anxious flying even though I’ve been to many other countries in my life. So I had to take deep breaths during take off and landing. I didn’t have the distraction of taking care of others either. But once I hit Orlando International Airport, I was swinging my bag and singing through the airport like Fraulein Maria on her way to the von Trapp house in The Sound of Music.

    photo (10)
    Sight seeing in the sky

So, if you are debating a solo trip, I say do it! Was it a little weird for me at times? Sure. But I loved being able to experience Disney in a different way. In fact, I’ll be soloing it again for runDisney’s Wine and Dine Half Marathon in November! I won’t be completely alone though, because I’m running with my #DisBroads!

photo (18)

A piece of advice though-be careful what pictures you send back to family, because after my picture with Gaston, my husband told me he doesn’t know if he wants me going alone anymore 😉

You know what they say…what happens in Disney, stays in Disney.