Smile! New Park Ticket Security System at WDW


Rumor has it that the turnstiles at Disney’s Animal Kingdom are currently testing a new security measure. You know when you stick your finger on the little holder and Mickey doesn’t turn green – it turns blue – sometimes red??? Well, if a guest’s bio-metric scan (your finger on the little holder) at the turnstiles fails multiple times, that guest will then be taken to guest relations for a test!! Where did you get your ticket? Is it your ticket? How many days was originally on the ticket? After a series of questions are asked and answered and the ticket is validated as belonging to the guest, a picture of the guest will bee taken and attached to their ticket.

This system is meant to ensure that if the bio-metric finger scan continues to fail for this guest, the cast members will  be able to determine the ticket belongs to the guest, no longer holding up the lines for other guests.

A system similar to this is already in place at the Disneyland parks in California. It is anticipated that this new system now being tested at Disney’s Animal Kingdom will roll out to the other parks at Walt Disney World sometime during March.