Showing Your Disney Side 365: How to Harness that Disney Feeling Between Trips by Sherry Boswell

Yep, it’s inevitable: you spend months planning, strategizing which parks to visit and what ADR’s to make and excursions to take; save all your spare change to finance your vacation to one of the various Disney properties (Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, etc.), and it finally arrives. And in a whirlwind of pixie dust and faster than Tinker Bell’s descent from Cinderella Castle-POOF! You’re back home with once in a lifetime memories and craving to go back for more.

OK, so this is the condensed version, but we’ve all been there, haven’t we? I’m so hyped about my vacation that when I get home, it’s easy to get the post-Disney blues. And boy, can they be brutal! Especially when there are so many amazing changes happening, for instance at Walt Disney World…Mine Train, Festival of Fantasy, “Frozen” Summer Fun, oh my!

So what’s a girl or guy to do? Simply put, how do we keep our Disney Side alive 365? Daily doses of Disney can help sustain you through the drought between trips with a few of these ideas (plus some I am hoping you will share with me):



With a computer, projector, and either an outdoor screen or large sheet, your backyard can be transformed into a movie theater under the stars, perfect for Disney movie viewing! I really want to give this one a try again-one Halloween, we watched “Bedtime Stories” and projected it on the side of the house above our garage. Although I think it would be far better to have this precious Disney movie screen, don’t you? (wink)

sherry42 – SHOPPING 101

Always have your Disney eyes and ears open when shopping. What I mean is: Disney trinkets are everywhere! For instance, in the Dollar Store, I found giant pens perfect for autograph signing for Mickey and company to grasp! And naturally, the Internet is chock full of vendors selling Disney wares. Besides the Disney Store, some of my favorites are Zazzle and Red Bubble for the niftiest iPhone cases and etsy, where I found some lovely and unique necklaces from Fandom Treasures:




Have a hankering for Tonga Toast? Craving Boma’s Zebra Domes? How about ‘Ohana’s bread pudding? Well, you’re in luck! The Disney Food Blog has many recipes that can be concocted in the comforts of your kitchen. OK, so I’m no Julia Child, but even I can follow a recipe and produce what my family says would win MasterChef. At the very least, you can turn pancakes into Mickey cakes or school sandwiches into “Mouseterpieces” with a great cookie cutter. Better yet, choose a cookbook that gets the kids involved! How could you go wrong with “The Magic Kitchen Cookbook”



When our family hosted a #DisneySide At Home Celebration a few months back, we selected a “Frozen” theme, so it was a no-brainer that we would want everything to scream the theme, from the food to the activities to the decorations. What better way to incorporate the amazing “Frozen” soundtrack than to get a Karaoke machine and let everyone sing “Let It Go” at the top of their lungs?

But the even bigger hit had to be Picture Booth, the Photo Booth app I downloaded to my iPhone. By finding printable cutouts to use as Photo Booth accessories, everyone had a jolly good time posing for the photos and viewing the accompanying 4 photo strip. Here’s what a trunk full of these props looks like:



Sustain yourself through the drought by planning your NEXT vacation! I LIVE for my next vacation, so naturally I want to jump right on my travel plans. So what if I have to wait until November for Food and Wine Festival? It will be here before I know it!

Funny how my list of suggestions was made up of movies, shopping, food, parties and travel: yeah, they should be the 5 food groups, they’re THAT good! But that just shows you what make me tick, so your list may be different than mine. What would make your time pass by quicker and sustain you to your next Disney vacation? Inquiring minds (like mine) want to know….