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Tips for Getting Through Bag Check Stations at Walt Disney World

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Security Bag Check WDW

Sounds like a simple process I know. However, I could not believe the number of people I saw on my recent trip making the process so much harder on themselves, the security bag checkers and everyone around them.

Unfortunately because of the times and world we live in now, this is a very necessary process. As long as you realize and remember that Disney’s main goal is keeping all guests safe and it’s a necessary part of entry, all will be good. This isn’t a difficult process. Well, let me rephrase – it shouldn’t be a difficult process.


Here are a few simple tips to make the process easier on everyone:

Pick a line. Then stay in that line. Each line goes to either the left or right side of a long table. Don’t try to change sides when you reach the table – you are cutting in front of other guests. It creates line confusion. If a member of your family ends up on the other side of the table it isn’t an issue. You will all end up at the same place. 

If you want your entire group to go through bag check together. Stay together. If you stay together you will all be on the same side of the table going through at the same time. You won’t be cutting off other guests and other families trying to stay together who are just as eager as you are to get into the park.

If you are a group of 5 or 6 but 2 have no bags. Let those 2 go through the “Guests Without Bags” line and wait for you on the other side. Make the bag check lines a little shorter.

Unzip all bags,  pouches, etc. UNZIP ALL! Not just one or two. ALL. If you have 2 or 3 pouches of things inside your main, larger bag. Unzip them all. Diapers bags, purses, backpacks, food bags – ALL bags need to be look at and into.

Slide your bag to the security agent and remove your hands from the bag. Don’t hold onto the bag. Don’t hold onto the strap. Remove your hands from the bag once it is in the hands of the security agent.

Baskets and areas under strollers and scooters or bags hanging from the handles are going to be looked at and gone through. It’s much easier and more efficient if you remove bags (diaper bags included) from under strollers or from scooter baskets and place them on the table.

If you have Epipens or medical syringes in a special case, unzip that case and tell the agent the case contains Epipens or medical syringes while handing it to him. Cooler bags containing medications must also be unzipped. Tell the agent the bag contains medications while handing it to him.

Don’t – and I mean DON’T – argue with the agent. Don’t tell the agent that the only thing in your bag is  your wallet and keys so no need to search it. Don’t give the man/woman simply doing their job a hard time.

When asked to empty your pockets to walk through the metal detector. Empty your pockets of EVERYTHING. 

If everyone would follow the few simple instructions given the process would be so much easier and quicker.