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Seeing Scotland In Style – The Perfect Itinerary For Your Visit

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The United Kingdom is a wonderful place to visit.

But while most people will head straight to London, Manchester, and England’s other big cities, Scotland is where the true adventures await. If you’re going to head north of the border, though, it’s imperative that you get to enjoy the best it has to offer.

In truth, this post could go on forever as there are a million and one great things to do. Here are five of the best.

Watch the football (soccer) at either Ibrox or Celtic Park. Rangers and Celtic share one of the hottest rivalries in world sport, and everyone in Scotland has a favored team. If you can visit an Old Firm Derby, that’s amazing as the atmosphere is incredible. However, a trip to the two stadiums, even for a tour is something every visitor should do. The history of the clubs and their significance to the country cannot be emphasized enough.

Go to the Devil’s Pulpit. Yeah, it might carry a hellish name due to the red water, but the experience is straight from heaven. The walk through Finnich Glen will provide adventure and incredible photo opportunities at every turn. Once you work your way down the 400-year-old stairs, the reward of the red pool and natural surroundings will take your breath away. Once you get back to civilization, there are plenty of great places to eat too.

Spend the day in Edinburgh. The capital city is a must-see destination. From the Royal Mile in Edinburgh to the castle and cultural landmarks, you cannot get bored. The worlds of sport, music, and art are heavily represented while shopping at Princes St is pretty special too. Depending on how long you have in bonny Scotland, you may want to stay longer. But even if you’re short of time, you should have Edinburgh on your list.

Climb Ben Nevis. OK, so climbing a mountain may not stand out as the best thing to do on a relaxing vacation. However, it’s a fairly easy climb compared to the world’s other peaks while the views of the Highlands from up high are incredible. Besides, the opportunity to say you’ve climbed a mountain is something that you can cherish for life and will provide great holiday stories. Don’t visit without completing the challenge.

Find the Loch Ness monster. The mythical (we think) creature is one of Scotland’s most iconic things. Loch Ness itself is a truly beautiful body of water, not least when you are by Urquhart Castle. A couple of nights in Inverness, couple with a day trip to the loch is particularly enjoyable in the British summer. And if you do manage to capture the first confirmed sighting of Nessie, the photographs will make you rich.

In truth, the Scottish people also play a huge role in making Scotland such a lovely and brilliant place to visit. So, if you’re planning on spending any amount of time in the British Isles, touring Scotland is a must.