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3 Ways to Save Money on Food When You Travel

Save Money on Food When You Travel

When you are drawing up a travel budget, you probably assume that the flights and accommodation are the most expensive things, but that isn’t always the case. Sometimes, you’ll get back and find that you actually spent a lot more money on food than anything else.

Eating out and trying new food is one of the best things about travel, but if you are working on a budget, you need to manage your spending properly. The good news is, there are ways that you can sample the local cuisine without spending too much money.

Save Money on Food When You Travel

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These are some of the best ways to save money on food when you travel. 

Go All Inclusive 

One of the easiest ways to save money on your food and drink costs is to go all inclusive. As long as you know how to get the most out of these deals, you don’t need to spend much money on food at all.

You can stay in a resort where you will get 3 meals a day, plus snacks and drinks, all rolled into the original price. It does limit you because you will have to pay on top if you want to go elsewhere, but the selection is still good. It gives you more freedom because you can eat out at other places if you want to, but if your budget is stretched, you have free options there when you need them. 

Find Chain Restaurants 

Chain restaurants are a great option because they are usually cheaper. They have the capability to buy things in bulk because they are serving lots of restaurants, so the prices are lower. But the quality of food is just as good, if not better, because they have standards in place across the board.

That’s why you should look for local chain restaurants (like this one at so you can still get great food for a good price. Most countries will have their own chain restaurants so you can still sample some great local cuisine, but it will be a lot cheaper than going to independent restaurants.

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Cook Your Own 

If you are staying in a hotel and you don’t have the capability for cooking, you have no choice but to eat out all the time. That’s not a problem if you have an all inclusive package but if you don’t, you will be spending a lot of money.

If you are eating out 3 times a day, every day, the cost will quickly add up. That’s why it’s often a good idea to stay in an apartment instead of a hotel (you can find some affordable ones on so you have a kitchen that you can use.

When you have your own kitchen area, it’s easy to buy in food for your breakfast and lunch rather than going out to eat for every meal. 

You don’t have to spend so much money on food when you travel. If you are working with a small budget, you can use these simple tips to help cut the costs.

Save Money on Food When You Travel

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