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RV Trip Preparation – 5 Tips for Your Next Adventure

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For some folks, traveling in an RV is the best way to witness all the great sights the country has to offer. In comparison to staying at an overpriced Airbnb or Four Seasons, road trips allow travelers to go from Los Angeles to Miami from the comfort of their own home (on wheels).

RV Trip Preparation

No matter if you’re planning your first or seventeenth road trip into the horizons, here are five useful tips to keep in mind to ensure your next RV adventure becomes a memorable experience.

RV Trip Preparation

Power Supply

To ensure your road trip’s safety, packing a heavy-duty power source is an absolute must. In the event of an emergency, the last thing anyone wants is to be stranded in the middle of a boiling-hot Arizona highway with dead cellphones, no gasoline, and no feasible way of calling for help.

Either way, whether it be for powering kitchen appliances, laptops, or even your entire camper van, investing in a solar powered generator would be a wise decision. Thanks to the wonders of solar power, possessing a practically unlimited supply of power for the entirety of your travels doesn’t sound like such a bad idea.

Outdoor Equipment

This next tip is for those who prefer a more traditional experience. If you’re someone that enjoys stopping at national parks or beautiful forests, be sure to pack a chair to comfortably enjoy sunset viewings or stargazing sessions. This is a relaxing way to unwind after a grueling, seven-hour drive.

Outdoor equipment such as lawn chairs, hammocks, and folding tables are paramount for these one-of-a-kind experiences. Even if your RV adventure doesn’t center around immersing yourself in the surrounding nature, you will not regret spending some time outside with your friends and family.

First Aid

An often under-appreciated aspect of any road trip, packing the right first aid essentials can get you out of a medical or cleanliness-related jiffy – two situations that can be extremely uncomfortable to deal with.

Whether it’s your child throwing up from eating too much candy, or one of your friends suffering a bad reaction to a rare species of snake, there are many situations in which you’d be saving yourself a lot of trouble thanks to a first aid kit.

Cookware Essentials

Forgetting to pack silverware and being forced to eat a juicy, camp stove-cooked flank steak with your bare hands would be an unfortunate ordeal. If your rented RV comes with cookware already, make sure it comes with the essentials like silverware, cutting boards, and pans.

Either way, preparing your own cookware inventory is a smart decision. When assembling, avoiding plastics is something to keep in mind. Bringing along plastic plates, cups, or utensils could be a cost-efficient measure if you’re trying to cut down on water waste and the hassle of washing your own dishes, but running out of cookware halfway during your RV adventure is never ideal.


One would imagine that coasting along endless highways for hours on end can mentally take a toll on everyone. Thus, downloading your favorite shows on Netflix, curating offline road trip playlists on Spotify, or packing thrilling board games would be a wise way to take everyone’s mind off the sea of farmlands and nothingness that one may encounter on the highways in rural areas.

Final Thoughts

Whether it be first aid essentials, comfort tips or entertainment ideas, we hope these pointers can make your next RV adventure one to remember. At the end of the day, any good road trip requires carefully thought out brainstorming and preparation.