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Summer Fun ~ The Top 3 Ways to Roast a Pig

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Roast Pig

Warm weather is upon us which means that it is likely that you will be vacationing outdoors or enjoying family meals with loved ones. If you are hosting a family cookout or a large gathering, serving pig as the main entree is always a huge hit. As with any type of specialty cooking, roasting a pig takes time, effort, and careful planning. This article will help identify a few ways that you can successfully roast a pig for your next family function.

  1. The first thing you need to decide is how you want to cook your pig. There are several ways to do so such as on a grill, spit, or rotisserie. Some prefer to use a large, box roaster that cooks the pig over a period of time in a covered container. A pig roaster can make some of the tastiest meat on the planet. The charcoal and wood mixture flavors the meat in a unique way and adds a latin flair to it. Be sure to account for the amount of time it will take to cook a big thoroughly. Using a roasting box, you can count on needing 4 hours of roasting time for an entire hog.
  2. Consider what kind of flavor you want the roasted pig to have. If you love the flavor of the natural pig, you can skip this tip. Some enjoy marinating the pig, adding spices, or injecting flavorful juices into the meat before starting the cooking process. If you would like to add some additional flavors to your pig, be sure to plan accordingly as this may require more supplies as well as time and effort on your part. You can find a number of recipes and other flavorful ideas by doing a quick search online.
  3. When cooking the pig, it is important to light the charcoal and heat the meat just right. You do not want the heat to be too hot or you will scorch the meat. You want it to be hot enough that the pig can cook evenly throughout, being careful to turn the pig every so often so that you can achieve this goal. It is important to avoid using instant charcoal as this can infect the meat with unnecessary chemicals and taint the taste of the pig. It is important to find a charcoal that lights easily and burns fast. Use lighter fluid and dose the charcoal with the liquid. Allow the liquid to penetrate into the coals for 30 minutes before lighting the fire. This will ensure that you will have a longer, more consistent burn which will provide great cooking time for your pig.

Whether you are hosting a big family cookout, making a smaller dinner for friends, or want to try roasting a pig on your own, these simple tips will help you get started. Your efforts will be noticed and appreciated by friends and family alike and your flavorful pig roast will surely be the talk around the water cooler on Monday morning!