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A Road Trip to Walt Disney World: Road Trip Tips for Kids of All Ages

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A trip to Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, may be high on the list when it comes to vacation destinations, but with the cost of airfare on the rise due to increasing jet fuel prices, you may find travel a strain on your wallet. However, a vacation like this may still be possible, especially if you live in one of the surrounding states and can plan a road trip.

Traveling with kids may be a challenge, particularly when they are different ages, but there are a few activities you can plan to make the drive a pleasure.

Infants to Age 1

When your children are this age, traveling by car has its advantages. You can leave the car seat where it is, your baby may sleep through much of the trip, and he or she will not have to be exposed to situations that may cause discomfort or illnesses, such as high altitudes and strangers with colds or viruses.

Packing a larger diaper bag with the essentials can make the trip simple; however, you may want to pack a few extra diapers more than your baby might use per day so you can be prepared for an emergency.


Traveling with toddlers can be a challenge because their moods may sometimes be unpredictable, especially when you add a disruption in schedule into the mix. Since your child will still be riding in a car seat, this can help you manage them somewhat while you are on the road. Take along favorite and familiar items, nutritious snacks, and entertain them with fun and silly songs.

It is important to remember that your toddler might get as weary of riding in the car as you do, so if he or she seems especially restless, pull over and spend some time at a safe rest area. Give your child the chance to explore, offer a change of clothes, and play a few fun games before you hit the road once more. You can plan ahead for these stops by downloading a few road trip phone apps.


If you have a child that is between the ages of three and five, he or she may have a little more self-control than a toddler and can voice whatever needs arise. However, kids this age tend to become bored quickly, which can be an issue when you are taking them on a long road trip.

Pack a few new small toys to dole out along the way and carry snacks like bagged low-sugar cereal or fruit gummies to keep your preschooler occupied. Go easy on juice boxes, or you might find yourself looking at an emergency pit stop.

Kids Ages 7-12

Kids this age are likely to be extremely excited about visiting Walt Disney World, so the biggest problems you might encounter are preventing hyperactivity and squabbling in the car. While individual electronic devices can help, they do not support much family togetherness.

Before you leave, you may want to ask your local auto insurance company for advice about road trip safety and what kind of on board entertainment, such as streaming kid-friendly services, might be available to you.


Your teens may see this trip as an opportunity to gain more independence and allowing it within safe guidelines can boost their confidence. Assign them responsible vehicle tasks, such as turning or backing up the car in a rest area if they have their driving permit or letting them set and monitor the GPS map. While most kids this age are able to entertain themselves, allowing them to bring a friend if the budget permits can do a great deal to curb their boredom.

Planning a road trip to Walt Disney World may seem like a daunting challenge. However, when you have a plan for entertaining your kids, the path to this magical place may be a bit simpler to travel.

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