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3 Popular Road Trip Routes Your Family Will Love

Planning cross-country road trip routes with your family is an amazing experience. The world is such a vast place with open fields, mountains, and prairies to explore that you should never limit you and your family’s experiences to just one geographic location. Instead, open your minds and hearts to explore the beauty of the country.

road trip routes

Sometimes, the best plans are the ones that just “happen” and if you are looking for a road trip that you and your family can take and see as many states as possible, here are some suggestions for the best cross-country road trip routes to consider!

Suggested Road Trip Routes

Route 66

One of the most famous and well-known road trip routes happens to run right through the heart of the US.

From Chicago to LA, you’ll find Route 66 that will lead you and your family on an adventure of a lifetime. You have the option to start at either location and finish at the other, or hop in and join from somewhere in the middle. With over 2,000 miles of Route 66 road, there’s something to do and see for everyone.

Often referred to as the “Main Steet of America”, Route 66 will take you through town after town to see and explore. Have you ever wanted to see the World’s Largest Rocking Chair? Just outside Cuba, MO, located on Route 66, you and your family will have your chance. In fact, there are literally hundreds of other roadside sights that are an absolute must as well. As the saying goes, “get your kicks on Route 66!”

Overseas Highway

If you and your family are drawn to the water, no road trip route would be complete without driving along the Overseas Highway in Florida. Doing the whole route will take about 4 hours, but will provide a lifetime of memories for you and your family.

One of the coolest aspects of this road trip route? Driving over the 7-mile bridge. That’s a long time to be over the beautiful water, and your kids will love to look out and see if they’re able to see any animals during that time. This scenic route is an amazing way to travel and take in the sights!

Blue Ridge Parkway

Don’t miss out on this scenic route! If possible, plan this during the Fall months so that you and your family can see the beauty of the leaves changing to gold, red and orange.

The roadway is actually a connection point between the Shenandoah National Park and the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, so you can be certain that the views are stellar. Pack along a tent or two and make it an outdoor camping adventure for the entire family! You never know what adventure awaits you if you don’t make the plans to make it happen!

Taking a cross-country road trip with your family is a great opportunity to explore and educate yourselves on everything that is out there. These routes above are some suggestions for a few options that may be a good fit, but make certain to do your own research as well to know of all of your options.

Packing Tips

The great thing about traveling in a car or RV is that you can easily head to a store if needed. Don’t worry about smaller forgotten items, like toiletries, as you can replace those easily on the road. Instead, create a checklist of items that are hard to travel without, including:

  • IDs and credit or debit cards
  • Necessary medical paperwork, including documents for your pets
  • Prescription medicines and insurance cards
  • Comfort items for little ones, like favorite stuffed animals and blankets

Enjoy the Ride

Honestly, who says you have to choose just one? With the Overseas Highway route only taking a few hours, it’s entirely possible to plan a weekend or quick trip to do that one, and then plan a longer trip to tackle Route 66 or the Blue Ridge Parkway.

On the Road

While on the road, look for larger gas stations, like truck stops and Buc-ee’s, to help provide bathroom, dining, and snack options for the whole family. Here you can also grab journals and postcards to practice writing skills and have your kids craft notes to send to loved ones back home.

Whatever you decide to do, just remember to slow down and enjoy the ride. There’s so much beauty out there to discover that if you’re going too fast, you’ll pass it all by!

Do tell! Which of these road trip routes do you think your family will like the most?

Do you have any other suggestions for family road trips? Planning is the key to any successful road trip. Remember that the journey can be just as exciting as the destination, so start by determining how far you’d like to travel, keeping a realistic goal in mind.

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