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3 Tips to Using a Rideshare in College

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Rideshare Tips

With kids heading off to college across the country soon, transportation is one of the most important things everyone worries about. College life is one of the most memorable times in one person’s life. It’s the time to make new friends, go to new places and try things that you may have never done before.

While it would be more convenient to own a car, the reality is, not everyone brings a car when they go to college. While mass transportation may be available in their areas, students still need a more reliable and less expensive way to travel.

Good thing that ride-sharing has become more popular nowadays. Using an app downloaded on their mobiles, students can make an arrangement with a private vehicle owner for a price. It is cheaper than getting a cab, and many believe it is much safer than public transportation.

Students also need to know more about the apps they are using in order to take full advantage of the service. For example, many ride-share have levels of service and pricing, so they can do research to know which is available in their area. Knowing when to book is also important as there are times when the surcharge may be high. Some examples of those times may be on Friday night when many students want to go out and party so the demand may be high. In those cases, booking an advance may prove to be the better choice.

Here are other tips for college students so that they can further enjoy the benefits of a ride-share service.

  1. Save more money by splitting the fare – college students know the importance of saving money. While ride-sharing is cheaper than a cab, it will still cost more than taking the train or bus. But that can be remedied when you share the fare when you travel with friends. Many apps have included a feature where you can split the fare with as many as five people.
  2. Share your destination – There may be times when you will not have any person with you as you travel. If you want someone to know where you are going and what time you are arriving, you can share your expected time of arrival with any person on your contact list. Along with your ETA, they will also receive your driver’s name and the map of your location.  If this is something that you would like to do often, you can pre-select emergency contacts that you can send your status to when you travel.
  3. Take advantage of the promo codes being offered – the great thing about ride-sharing apps is that if you are a first time user, they offer unbelievable promos that you can use. You can get discounts on your rides and some may even enjoy a free ride. While most of these promo codes are no longer available for existing users, there are still ways to get some discounts on your next ride. Check out this site They have listed down ways to get promo codes for the most popular ride-sharing apps being used today.

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