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Shop ‘Til You Drop at the Re-imagined World of Disney

The World of Disney – where lighting is made from tiaras and princess wands and art comes to life – shopping in Disney magic!

The new look for the store reflects much of Disney Springs’ industrial, minimalist warehouse theme and the store is full of some fascinating new technology that brings Disney magic to your shopping experience.

The world’s largest Disney store has been re-imagined and now fits in with the Disney Springs back story in that special way that only Disney can accomplish. As a long time Disney lover I’m always fascinated by the back story that helped the Imagineers bring an attraction or area to life.

You’ll get lost in the magic as you browse through a collection of wonderful Disney finds – from huggable plush characters and colorful Minnie Ears to stylish collaborations with some of your favorite brands.

I have always loved shopping at the World of Disney but let’s face it – moving from room to room – area to area – seemed like you were roaming through an endless maze of smaller shops. It was super difficult to keep track of friends and family in the maze.

Now, all I can say is the new World of Disney is open and airy – you can literally see from one end of the store to the other. Smaller sections – Princesses – Plushes – Housewares – Star Wars – Mickey – flow from one to the other in an easy to navigate way. You’ll know exactly where to find certain items.

When you step inside you”ll immediately feel as if you’ve step back to where Disney started with animated films. The art comes to life in enhanced and enchanted ways as a nod to the original “Nine Old Men” of animation who created the classics such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Peter Pan.

Ink jars suddenly come alive and swirl with color and art on the walls becomes animated.



Each section is designed around the theme – the lighting in the Dream Big Princess section is actually made from tiaras and septors!

Several areas of the store will change regularly, showcasing the newest Disney merchandise of the season. World of Disney will be the spot that will roll out exclusive Disney Parks merchandise and debut what new and trendy. Unveiled earlier in October was a new Mickey Mouse Club line with apparel and accessories featuring a vintage Mickey Mouse from the original television show.

In addition to the magical design elements, the World of Disney will feature a new way to bring home your souvenirs in specially designed, reusable merchandise bags featuring classic Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Donald Duck. The World of Disney stores are the first merchandise locations throughout Disney Parks to offer these bags for a nominal fee. The bags are also environmentally friendly, made from 80% recycled materials. They will help contribute to the company’s broader goal of significantly reducing its use of single-use plastics by mid-2019.

Inside the Magic did a great video showing the various animated areas in the store that I know you’ll enjoy



On your  next Walt Disney World visit, be sure to set aside some time to visit the new, re-imagined World of Disney. It’s an attraction in itself and you’ll want to shop ’til you drop!

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