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Top 5 Quick Service Dining Spots in WDW

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There are so many quick service locations in Walt Disney World, trying to break it down to just the top 5 is hard. I think when we look at the best quick service locations, we have to look at where we get the most for our money (or our Dining Plan credits).

Dining is one of the aspects of a visit to Walt Disney World that can add a big expense to your trip so saving a bit here and there is always a plus. Many of the quick service locations offer full meals that are a fraction of the cost of a table service restaurant. They also give you more than enough food.

The quick service locations on this list offer great food and great selections and are my family’s favorites.

They are also the spots where you will find the best value for your money or dining plan credit because of the portion sizes. These locations also offer great service when it comes to allergy dining.

My top 5 quick service choices are:

Electric Umbrella in Epcot

Epcot does not have a large selection of quick service restaurants where you can grab a quick burger and fries in Future World. The electric umbrella offers free drink re-fills which is a big win on a hot Florida day. This quick service spot also offers a varied menu and large portions. Large indoor and outdoor seating areas available.

ABC Commissary in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Ribs, grilled chicken salad, and fish and shrimp. You get so much food, you can definitely share which is a money saver for sure! 

You will find consistently good food (hamburgers, salads and chicken strips) here. The food is always fresh and delicious and it’s a good place to cool down and relax while eating lunch.

Cosmic Rays Starlight Cafe in Magic Kingdom

This is a popular spot that seems to always be crowded so be prepared. The prices are reasonable (for Disney) and the food portions are large which make this an ideal spot for sharing. The unlimited toppings bar also make it easy to “add a bit to your meal.” 

A little bit of entertainment in a quick service location adds some fun to your meal!

Cosmic Rays also offer great meals, like roasted chicken which are a great alternative to having to dine at a table service location for dinner.

Restaurantosaurus in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

This is definitely the best counter service restaurant in Animal Kingdom. The restaurant offers a large indoor seating area and good food selection.

A good value for your money especially if you are on the Quick Service Dining Plan. Most meals come with a drink and a dessert for one credit. If you want to make the meal more filling they have a good selection on the help yourself topping station and all the fountain drinks are re-fillable.

Cookes of Dublin at Disney Springs

Outstanding and reasonably priced. If you are looking for a different meal at a good price, this is the spot to go. They have several gluten free options as well which make this a favorite spot for my allergy sufferer daughter. Without a doubt the best spot for fish and chips!

These are my family’s favorite quick service spots, the ones we visit most often for good food, portion size and price. What are your favorite quick service spots?