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Printsfield Personalized Gifts – Adorable & Great Quality

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I was provided with product from Printsfield for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

Personalized Gifts

Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts let someone know that you really put thought into what you purchased for them. That’s the main reason I love to have gifts made for special family and friends.

I only recommend products I really love and Printsfield offers a great product. A product that is fun and makes a great gift too!

Printsfield is a rapidly growing start-up powered by their uncontrollable creativity and unshakeable faith in their goal.

Best yet is the fact that Printsfield donates a portion of every sale to an animal shelter.

Printsfield is all about happiness, bright colours, surprise and help. Choose your favourite bright-coloured designs, personalize them with your pet’s picture, impress everyone with the unique accessories or surprise your friend with a great gift and – at the same time – help our four-legged brothers! 

Printsfield Travelers Collection

Traveling is just so much fun! Visiting far off places, seeing new sights, getting to know the people and their culture and having the opportunity to sample their delicious food. It really is no wonder why we all have that someone in our lives who loves to travel. They are always hopping on or off a plane, making their way to a new mysterious destination and arriving home with colourful tales of their adventures and exciting gifts that seem as though they come from a different world altogether!

With all they travelling they do and all the exciting things they see, finding the exact right gift for your travelling pals can be difficult. Not anymore! 

PrintsField has some of the best travel gifts you have ever laid eyes on, and because you get to personalize them yourself, your traveling friends and family will be thrilled to take a little bit of home with them on their adventures.

Printsfield offers a range of products covering just about everything including some pretty nifty travel-related items your adventurers may love! Travel mugs for hot cups of coffee on the go, backpacks for those hiking trips or for hand luggage on the plane, and even socks to wear under your hiking boots or sneakers with a picture of your favorite pet to take on your trip and keep your furbaby close to your heart (and toes!) They even have fridge magnets to rival their international ones which are dotted all over your fridge!

The travel gifts for her or travel gifts for him are so easily personalized making them the best gifts ever! You can select one of their funky themed prints from a huge. Parrots, wine, puppies, donuts, etc. Once you have chosen the theme you think your travellers will love the most, it is time to get really creative. Sort through your photos of your avid travellers and upload your favourite images of them! 

Printsfield will see to it that your pics and theme are blended together and printed on your chosen products, transforming them into unique masterpieces of your design. Your designer travel gifts for men and women will have you and your friends grinning with delight.

Funny with a dash of sentimentality, your gifts are a great way to make sure your travel friends always carry a piece of home with them, no matter where they go!

My Socks!

My daughter loves socks! She has all sorts of funky and weird socks. When Printsfield asked me to check out their products I couldn’t resist ordering a pair of socks for my daughter with her little Chiweenie Rizzo on them. He’s an old guy – hitting 13 yrs. old – has no teeth and most likely weights about 5 lbs. soaking wet. He also thinks he’s a Doberman!

The ordering process was simple and took seconds to upload an image and place my order.

Here’s the photo I submitted next to the socks we received:

The quality of the socks is phenomenal. Re-enforced toe and heel areas, as well as re-enforced top make the socks a great gift that will hold up for even the one person in your family that is hard on their socks.

If you are looking for just the right special gift for family or friends, I would definitely recommend Printsfield personalized gifts.

Printsfield is also offering a 20% discount to my readers. Simply use discount code: anopensuitcase20 when ordering.