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Powering Up Your Travels

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Travelling is just one of those experiences you want to share with if not the world, then certainly your loved ones back home.

With every new view you see, food you taste and culture you experience the chance to record the sights, smells, tastes and the feelings you have around a new place is not to be missed.

Which of course is why laptops were invented. Your trusty Mac may have faithfully traveled the world with you but it is still prone to running out of battery at the most inconvenient of moments.

That’s why we’ve put together a handy guide to help save your Mac’s battery power so you’ll be able to send out that travel blog exactly on time.

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Dim Down

Reducing the brightness of your screen might well be better for your eyes, but it’s also going to save a whole lot of power from going to waste. Hit F1 until you’ve reduced it to a level you can still work at but which is slightly less bright than the sun.

Ditch Hanging Apps

Having them open, even in the background, will cause your power to decrease so make sure that you quit anything you’re not working on, using a forced quit if necessary.

Open Up Private Browsing

When your machine doesn’t have to work as hard accessing your stored data, it uses less power. Any websites you visit won’t be a part of the Mac’s search history but you’ll be able to rely on a little more power.

Get A Smart App

Extending the endurance for Mac battery life can be taken out of your hands with clever apps that automatically make adjustments to your settings when your battery reaches a certain level. Perfect for on-the-go travelers who don’t have time to work through all the settings manually. Shop around for an app specifically for Macs though.

Cut Out The Keyboard Light

It does look great but it’s burning through your power. You can do this by either pressing F5 until there are zero bars showing or going through the Keyboard tab in Systems Preferences.

Turn Off Connectivity

This might be the last thing you want to do but if you just need to get those last few sentences out and on a page, without losing it all then turning off Bluetooth and Wifi will help.

Do this by simply clicking on the Bluetooth and Wifi icons at the top of your computer screen.

No More Chrome

It might be second nature to install Google Chrome as your browser of choice but experts say it’s Safari that’s optimized to be the most efficient browser for your Mac, so say goodbye to easy Google searches and hello to longer battery life.

Just by employing a few of our tech tips, you’re bound to notice a difference in the way your Mac battery life responds. Squeeze out every inch of juice you can to make sure that your travel experiences are recorded for posterity or at least for that amazing travel blog you’re writing.

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