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Five Places to Visit in Florida

If you find yourself heading to Florida on your next trip away, then you should certainly have a bucket list ready to tick off.

Here are five places to visit while in Florida.

Photo by Sebastian Voortman from Pexels

Satisfy Your Inner Child At Walt Disney World

Everyone likes to express their inner child sometimes and Walt Disney World is the perfect excuse to eat your cavities out in candy floss and churros.

The lines for the rides may be long but stock up on snacks and you’ll find yourself being thrust into the air on Space Mountain in no time.

Certainly, a must-do if you have little ones with you as well as it’s a magical experience that every child should get!

Chill Out On Daytona Beach

Florida is known for some of the best beaches on the planet and you’ll be having such a hard choice that you’ll end up needing to do a beach-crawl to fit them all in.

One of the best ones though is Daytona Beach and if you visit in February, you’ll be able to catch the legendary Daytona 500 NASCAR race.

During the summer, there’s plenty of free concerts to watch and it’s an arcade paradise for those who love gambling their change away.

Visit Museums In South Florida

South Florida is home to many museums, so if you love learning about history and the culture of an area, then there’s plenty to choose from here.

Stay in a luxury hotel built by Aubrey Ferrao and stop by at the Science Centre, discover the history of Miami and gaze at some wonderful pieces of art housed at the Pérez Art Museum.

Explore The Apalachicola National Forest

If you find yourself at one with nature, then a trip to The Apalachicola National Forest is essential.

It encompasses a staggering 632,890 acres and there’s plenty to do within the forest itself. There are a few popular places to go swimming, including Silver Lake with its idyllic surroundings or Wright Lake with its white sand beach.

After a day of hiking, many of those who go to the forest will camp there too. Camel Lake has a 10-site campground and Wright Lake includes 18 campsites along with all the necessities like picnic tables and grills for cooking a scrumptious evening meal.

Fill Your Belly In St Augustine

If food is on your mind, then make a mental note to stop off in St Augustine, known for its cafes and restaurants that serve up some delicious dishes.

Founded by Spanish explorers, there’s a lot of history and diverse culture that has influenced the food you’ll find here. A couple of notable mentions are the Salt Life Food Shack for those who love the beach life culture and La Herencia Cafe for a traditional Cuban cafe serving Cuban food created by family recipes.

You won’t struggle to find things to do in Florida, so plan ahead and make sure you tick off all these suggestions during your stay. You won’t regret it!

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