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Excellent Experiences Philadelphia Has to Offer This Summer

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The history, spirit and diversity of Philadelphia is undeniable. The friendly faces that pass you on the street and the exciting activities that surround you are enticing to say the least. Whether you love theme parks or nature, there will always be something wonderful for you to experience in the heart of Philly.

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Planning a trip during the summer should definitely be at the top of your to do list, especially as the warmer temperatures are appealing at this time of year. You have the chance to enjoy the open parks, popular beer gardens and soak in the sunshine wherever you may be. If you are looking for some exciting experiences in Philadelphia, some of these might just entice you!

Be a Daredevil 

Everybody has a small daredevil inside them that is just bursting to come out. What better way to see and experience this stunning city than a zip line Philadelphia? Experience the thrill of a canopy ziplining tour at Refreshing Mountain; it is one of the top attractions in Lancaster County, so you won’t want to miss out.

Philadelphia experiences

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Whether you’re visiting with family or a group of friends, you are bound to make memories from this thrill seeking experience. Make sure you book in advance to avoid disappointment and enjoy every moment of this exhilarating activity.

Recreate a Famous Movie Moment

You can’t visit Philadelphia without running up the rocky steps and recreating that famous moment. Even if you haven’t seen the movie, there is bound to be somebody in your travel party who is familiar with the memorable scene. Rocky is definitely a notable piece of history in the world of cinema, so you definitely want to grab a picture of this moment. You could even download the famous theme tune to make your experience even more special. 

Philadelphia experiences

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Creepy Culture

The Mutter Museum in Philly is a freaky, but fantastic place to visit during your stay. If Halloween is your favourite holiday then you are in for a treat! Inspect the largest colon in the world or discover real pieces of Einstein’s brain.

Philadelphia experiences

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It might not be the ideal place for squeamish people, but it is definitely a unique and memorable experience.

Glorious Gardens

If you’re looking for the perfect place to snap a picture for social media, then Magic Gardens is the ideal place for you. The stunning, well kept area is the ideal backdrop for your new profile picture, so make sure you put this on your list of places to visit.

Shop ‘Till You Drop

If shopping is your thing, then you need to visit South Street for a touristy, yet charming experience. Grab some lunch in a popular restaurant or bar and invest in some souvenirs to take home from your trip.

So enjoy all of these perfect experiences in Philly this summer, whether you’re a daredevil on a zipline or a shopaholic on South Street. There are so many memories to be made in this fabulous area, so pack your bags and enjoy a trip that is bursting with vibrancy and variety.

Philadelphia experiences